taurus Moon Sign vrish Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
Taurus born may enjoy a productive and prosperous year in 2021. A hike in financial status can be expected throughout the year. Ego, aggression and misunderstanding may affect close relationships. Keeping positive approach in both personal and professional life may keep you going smoothly through this year. It is a good time for Taurus to choose and switch between careers. Taking monetary risks this year should be avoided. Government employees can expect significant political connections coming your way this year.

2021 Career Prediction
Job seekers may find good jobs mostly during April to July. Corporate workers can expect a favorable transfer. A better change in job can also be expected during last months (September - December) of the year. Arguments and disagreements in office might cause tension between you and your co-workers during March to August. Avoiding rivalry with colleagues by keeping calm can be beneficial for your career for this year. Relying on hard work during this year may work in your favor in career.

2021 Health Prediction
The first half (January to June) of 2021 may bring great health to Taurus born. You might suffer from diseases related to bones, eyes and lower portion of body during September to December. Indigestion and stomach issues might occur which can be avoided by taking proper care. You may expect mental disturbances at several times of the year. Health of parents may get better.

2021 Finance Prediction
2021 may bring financial stability and prosperity for Taurus. You may expect to buy new properties. Pay attention before making financial decisions. Be careful about financial transactions during the endings of January, April, September and November. You might have to spend money for family events and close ones.

2021 Love Life Prediction
You may enjoy good relationship with your romantic partner during the first few months (January - February) of 2021. You may get opportunities to clear misunderstandings in relation. You may enjoy a good trip with your partner during May to September and this may bring some best moments in your relation. A third person might cause tension in your love life in 2021 when you can expect complete support from your partner to overcome the issues. The first semester (January - June) of 2021 may not be much pleasant for married couples. There may be difference of opinion. Do not indulge in arguments with your partner to avoid serious problems.

2021 Love Life Prediction
2021 may be challenging for Taurus born students. You may have to put a lot of hard work and the results might not satisfy you. From first week of January to the first week of April may give better time and good luck in studies. This year is good for devoting time in studies. The time may work in favor this year for students maying to study abroad. Students preparing for competitive exam may be able to concentrate in their studies and can get success in exams during May to December this year.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Taurus business owners can expect big amount of profit during the initial months (January - February) of 2021. Care should be taken before important deals. Hard work may bring good results this year. You might be travelling abroad for business. 2021 is a good year for long term investments. This year may bring good time and prosperity for shared business holders but in this case extra care for maintaining good relationship with your partner may be needed to be taken in 2021.