sagittarius Moon Sign dhanu Rashi Horoscope 2022


2022 Overall Horoscope
Sagittarius born can expect growth and prosperity in the year of 2022. For career and love relation this year is going to one of the best times for you. Sagittarius students may have a hard time this year. Peace may be retained in family. Family and social event may take place this year. Sagittarius born may have to worry about health and education of children this year.

2022 Career Prediction
Sagittarius born may enjoy good work life in 2022. You may overcome challenges in work place with efficiency and may be respected by co-workers for same. Keep up good relation with your higher authorities for their support may help you run on right track in near future. You can expect a favorable transfer this year. Chances of travelling abroad are there in 2022 for Sagittarius born. You may have to remain cautious about pseudo-friends at work who may try to create obstacles your way to success.

2022 Health Prediction
Sagittarius born may not have major clinical issues in 2022 as such. Minor health issues related to digestion and viral infection might arise. Pay attention to your dietary habits and lifestyle to maintain good health condition. You might need to indulge in exercise in order to maintain or increase your body fitness. Health issues in family may occur in this year. You should put better efforts towards a better mental health in 2022.

2022 Finance Prediction
Financial stability may be maintained for Sagittarius born in 2022. New sources of income might open up. Chances of gaining ancestral properties are there for you. Rate of expenditure may be moderate to high. You may invest money on land house and automobile properties this year. If you are running any legal case regarding properties you may get it in your favor and win the case. You have a chance of gaining unexpected wealth as well. If you have pending debts this may be a good time to clear them.

2022 Love Life Prediction
Love life of Sagittarius born may run smoothly in 2022. Love relationships may get stronger and you may develop more understanding with your partner. If you get into a relationship in 2022, it may prove to be a happy and long term one in future. Happiness in the form of love and romance may come to your life. Keeping patience may work in your favor in this case. If you're planning to place marriage proposal in front of your partner go ahead. Married couple may face troubles in married life due to interference of a relative.

2022 Education Prediction
Sagittarius student may spend an average academic year in 2022. Brilliant result cannot be expected without great efforts. First quarter (January - April) may be successful for students who have been preparing for competitive examinations. You may find it difficult to focus on studies and distractions may be plenty in number. Students who are maying to abroad in 2022 for studies may get the opportunity during first half (January - June) of the year.

2022 Business Prediction
Sagittarius born business owners may enjoy a profiting year in 2022. Partnership business owners may get genuine co-operation from partners and may gain huge profit. People who are thinking of starting new business may be successful during middle (May - August) of this year. This year may be great for new projects as well. Investments on business purpose may be safe and fruitful.