sagittarius Moon Sign dhanu Rashi Horoscope 2019


Introduction- You are loyal and hardworking. How love to talk in a logical and intelligent manner. But you do not talk a lot. You are always up to helping others. You are an ardent devotee of God. You have a great confidence. You are a truthful and honest person.


Nature- You are of a calm nature. You are stable in mind and you talk and work according to the conditions. Your face is beautiful. You are of a dark complexion. You have black mole on face, back and waist. You are a lover of music. You are a religious person. You have interest towards social works.

Character and habits- you are a philosophical kind of a person. You are intelligent and you can win other’s heats by your sweet words. You are kind-hearted. You cannot see others suffering from pain and sorrow. You have a romantic side too. You are hardworking. You are a lover of sorts and activities. You love to mix with everyone in society. You cannot stand misdeeds, and you protest when you see them happen. You get established and rich in the society through your hard work. You are attracted to social works. You are determined to establish yourself in society. You are socially responsible. Social works make you happy.

Family life- This year your family life will face problems. You will have increase in influence over society. Your enemies may increase. You will have a good relation with relatives, and help from them will increase. Your friendliness will be neither too low nor high. Parents’ health may degrade. Education may give you expected results. Progress may come in higher education. You have go to some other country to study. You will be proud of your logical and thinking ability. You can change yourself according to different situations. At the start of the year, you may suffer a financial setback. Many physical ailments may give a lot of expenses. This year your expenses will be higher than income. You may be profitable in trade. You may face many marital problems. You may get indulged in some nasty issue. You will be anxious about your children’s health. Mental pressure on you will increase. You may lose several chances this year.

Financial Condition- This year your financial condition will go well. Monetary issues may cause problems. You may get a good amount of money by the end of the year. You may also suffer big losses. Lottery winning chances are there but there can also be problems in it. You have to earn through a lot of hard work. But the labor you give will be lower than your pay. Partnership business will maintain good relations with others. Property issues can go to your favor. You may buy new assets. You may inherit ancestral property. Old property problems may get solved. Traders will be profitable this year. You should not borrow money from others. You may get some of your old debts back. Physical illness may cause high expenses. Your savings may be spent for buying new property. There shall be balance in income and expenses. You may fall in high debts.

Job and business- This year your workplace will be lucky for you. You have chances of promotion. You may be sent to foreign office trips. Jobless youth may get jobs. Competitive exams may bear fruits by hard struggle. Your colleagues will be co-operative, though some may rival you. Trade will be more fruitful than jobs. Investments in new business will be successful. Your fortunes will come in favor in business. You have go for business trips. Small traders will be getting expected results. Import-export business will be good. Government aids may come in business. Your family will help you in business. Raw material business will be successful. Apart from this, chemicals, building materials, electrical and garment business will also be on the favorable side.

Health- This year your health will not be well. Diseases will cost you a lot of money. You may get injuries anywhere in the body. You may get mentally weak. You will be tensed about the health of your wife and children. Cold weather problems may harm you. Your blood pressure may increase. You have to walk and travel with utmost care. You may get heart diseases. Family and financial problems may cause your health to degrade. You have to be careful of diseases. Father’s health may not go well. Injury pains may suffer you.

Education- Small problems in education will be solved. Your restlessness and lazy attitude may hinder your studies. People studying philosophy, political science and history will see good results. Family problems may put an end to your education. Friends may act in dishonest way in field of education. You may get interested in religious matters. Opportunities may come to medical students. People involved with sports may get success. You may go to foreign country for higher education.

Love and marital life- Your love life will see hurdles this year. You may get a bad name regarding love relation. Marital life ay show troubles. Disagreements and brawls will go on happening in family. You will always be anxious of your wife’s health. You will hardly get any sort of happiness from you wife. You will get attracted towards women, and so they will be towards you. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius persons may make you happy as a marital partner. Financial issues may cause arguments and even divorce in married life. Your children will make you happy. You are a lover of a fancy life. You may get involved in some bad incident regarding women. You might develop good relation with several women.

Friend circle- Tis year you shall have many friends. You have get help from some foreigner friend. A close friend might break your trust. You will understand all, but you might not be able to say anything. Some close relative may insult you. Siblings will maintain a good relation. Your friends may pressurize you mentally. Your friends may stay away from you in hours of need.


Sagittarius women generally are of fair complexion. They have a round face and they love men who are straightforward. They are very loyal and they love to live life in an honest way. They cannot tolerate wrongs. They protest misdeeds whenever they see. They are different from women of other zodiacs. So they have enemies more than others. Wednesday is y\the lucky day for them. This day can bring them any form of success. They may fall in love more than once in their lives. Sagittarius women are generally religious. Kind-hearted and polite and mothers of male children. They may develop relation with several men. Leo, Libra and Gemini men can make them happy in married life. Their children makes them proud. They face major problem twice in their life. They mainly are actresses or singers. This year they may face accident. Injury problems may give pain. There are also chances of operation in your body.