libra Moon Sign tula Rashi Horoscope 2022


2022 Overall Horoscope
Libra born may enjoy a good year in 2022 in many aspect of life. You may have to put attention to details and activities to maintain the balance of life. Issues in family might occur this year and you should keep your cool at such times. The year may not be that flourishing for business owners and proper caution regarding the same needs to be taken. Married couple may get the joy of child birth. Libra born can expect their children to succeed in their ventures this year.

2022 Career Prediction
Libra born corporate works may have an average to good year in career. You can expect promotion during first few months (January - April) of the year. The second half may become quite challenging at work place. Keep up your good relation with co-workers and seniors. People who are maying to change job or work place, be careful before you leave your current job and do proper research before joining a new place. Freshers may get placed this year.

2022 Health Prediction
Libra born may encounter minor health issues this year. Diseases related to digestion and viral infection may affect your health which won't last for long time. Fewer chances of injury are there for you this year. Indulge in exercise to take control over your body fitness and weight. Try activities of your choice to maintain good mental health. Avoid stress.

2022 Finance Prediction
For Libra born financial stability may be there in 2022 but you may have to worry about the same especially during second quarter (May- August) of the year. Rate of expenditure might get higher than previous years. Although during initial months (January - April) flow of funds may be continuous, prepare for future condition at this time and take control over your expenditure. New sources of income might not pen this year for you. Avoid financial transactions this year as much possible.

2022 Love Life Prediction
Love life of Libra born may go somewhat smoothly in 2022. Couples who share strong bonding may get hitched this year. Libra born who are currently single and are maying to get into relationship may do so. Couples who are in relationship for long time may encounter minor issues in love life related to a third person and you may overcome the same by mutual understanding and faith. Love and peace may remain intact for married couples as well. Try avoiding harsh arguments and ill-behavior towards your partner. Show affection to your partner and you may enjoy the best they could offer you.

2022 Education Prediction
Libra students can expect to have a great academic year in 2022. This year may be great for competitive examinations aspirants. Students maying to abroad for further studies may get the opportunity during first half (January - June) of the year. This year going to be an important year for your upcoming career so put hard work and expect great feedback.

2022 Business Prediction
Libra born business owners might encounter problems in 2022. Partnership business owner may have to take more care about business documents. Avoid blind faith on partners and rely on your own skills. Big investments this year might not be fruitful and may cause loss. If you are planning to start a partnership, do avoid this year for the same. Stay away from new legal dealings this year. Invest time on proper planning if you have to start a new project this year. Do not implicate your running business with risks this year elsewise you may cause you great damage.