leo Moon Sign simha Rashi Horoscope 2022


2022 Overall Horoscope
Leo born may enjoy a good year in 2022 with financial prosperity and growth in career. You may face challenges in different aspects of life in this year which you can deal with your confidence and skills. Peace may be maintained in family. You may have to stay positive throughout this year and utilize positive energy in work and relationship. Students may have hurdles in academics in 2022. Bad health of children may cause worry for you. 2022 may be a good time to buy properties. Married couple may get blessed with child birth. Your social status may get upgraded. There may be big events in family this year.

2022 Career Prediction
Leo born may have a prosperous work life in 2022. Growth in career can be expected. People maying to get better jobs might get the opportunity this year. Corporate workers can expect promotion in 2022. Problems in work place may arise in the second semester (July - December). Be aware of rivals who may try to make situation adverse for you. You may face unexpected challenges during this time period. Few individuals may lose current jobs this year.

2022 Health Prediction
Leo born might face health related issues this year. You may enjoy stable health condition during initial months (January - April) after which diseases related to blood pressure, viral infection and digestion may occur. Some individual may go through liver problems. Chances of major diseases and injuries may be there for you in 2022. Taking extra care during travelling, good food habit and modification in lifestyle may keep your health in better condition.

2022 Finance Prediction
Financial stability may retain in 2022 for Leo born. You may get chance to earn more this year. Chances of gaining wealth without previous notice are there. Flow of funds may continue in better pace especially during first six months of the year. Minor issues related to financial matters may arise especially in the middle of the year (June - September). You may buy land house and automobile properties in 2022. Rate of expenditure may decrease thus you may be able to save money in bigger amounts this year. New sources of income might open for you.

2022 Love Life Prediction
Leo born may go through a curvy way in love life this year. Couples who are in long term relationship might get married this year. Married proposal may get finalized after April. You may encounter conflicts between you and partner during initial months (January - February) of the year. Keep calm and avoid attacking behavior towards partner. Married couples may have a great married life in 2022. You can expect better understandings with your spouse. Small banters and differences of opinion may be there but it may not affect your relation seriously.

2022 Education Prediction
Leo students might have a hard time in studies in 2022. Students who have been preparing for competitive examinations may succeed this year. Students aspiring for higher education may be placed in desired institutions. Leo student if aiming to go abroad for studies may get the opportunity during last quarter (September - December) of the year.

2022 Business Prediction
Business owners can expect a profiting year in 2022. Partnership business owners may gain big profits especially after second week of April. Big investments might involve considerable amount of risk this year. You might travel abroad on business purpose this year.