gemini Moon Sign mithun Rashi Horoscope 2022


2022 Overall Horoscope
2022 may bring both challenges and prosperity for Gemini born in different ways. You may shine in career this year. Tension between family members may occur during the first semester (January to June) of the year. Avoid harsh arguments when there is a difference of opinion between you and your relative. Problem may also occur between you and your romantic partner. There are chances for you to get immense respect from people in this year. You may upgrade your social status. Business owners may have a good time this year. Paying attention to monetary activities might save you from big loss.

2022 Career Prediction
Gemini born may have mixture of goods and bads in work life during 2022. You may make rivals in work place. Your co-workers and competitors may make things harder for you. The key to survive in your work in 2022 may be hard work and persistency. Corporate workers may get support and cooperation from higher authorities after second week of April. You can expect a promotion during the latter half (July - December) of the year. People in occupations of teaching, counseling etc. may enjoy a prosperous career in 2022. Freshers and job seekers might get jobs this year. You may enjoy a desired transfer this year.

2022 Health Prediction
Gemini born cannot expect good health throughout 2022. Although during the initial months (January - March) you may not encounter health issues, from April onwards problems may arise. You poor health condition might affect your work as well. Issues related to digestion and stomach can be controlled by good food habits. Mental peace may be retained in 2022. You may feel content and utilize positive energy in your daily routine.

2022 Finance Prediction
2022 is going to provide Gemini born financial stability and opportunities to earn wealth. New sources of income might open up. You may gain more money and properties by staying loyal towards your relations and work. You may buy land house and automobile properties this year. Get proper planning and guidance before investing big amount of money. Avoid conflicts regarding ancestral properties in 2022.

2022 Love Life Prediction
Gemini born might face serious issues in love life during the first half (January - June) of the year. Situation might get better in rest of the six months (July - December). Be loyal to your partner and you may get good results of it in your life in long term. Avoid arguments and egoistic gestures towards partner this year. Married couples may face ups and downs in relationship this year. First and Last quarter (January - April and September - December) may bring tough time for you. Avoid arguments and harsh speech towards part during this period elsewise your relation may encounter unpleasant and serious circumstances.

2022 Education Prediction
Gemini students may have an excellent academic year in 2022. Hard work may give you desired results. Students aspiring for higher studies may get placed in reputed colleges. Students who have been preparing for competitive examinations may get success after second week of April.

2022 Business Prediction
2022 may be an average to good year for Gemini business owners in terms of profits. Land business owners can expect great profit this year. If you are maying to take up new business project choose the second half (July - December) of this year to start with it. Keep attention on money transactions. Take complete guidance from experienced individuals before agreeing for new deals.