gemini Moon Sign mithun Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
The first six months (January to June) may be full of challenges and accomplishments for Gemini born in the fields of career, finance and health. Married couple may get the joy of child birth or news of conceiving this year. You may spend good time with family and friends and bonds between you and close ones may be strengthen during this year. Gemini individuals may be needed to take special care of health. Travelling may not be fruitful for you this year and in fact it might cause trouble. Gemini born can expect several health related issues as well in 2021. Monetary dealings might cause tension.

2021 Career Prediction
Initial month (January) may be appear as favorable in career while next few month it may not favor the Gemini born in the field of career in 2021. New work opportunities may come along with challenges which if faced with hard work and confidence may be over. Promotions can be expected during April to September and job seekers might get jobs during the same period. Experienced workers might get a transfer. Prosperity in agricultural sectors can be expected.

2021 Health Prediction
Health may not be in favorable condition for Gemini born throughout the year. Issues related to liver and skin may occur. You may suffer from fatigue and restlessness. Mental peace might get disturbed and sleep deprivation may be caused by the same. Children may also suffer from illnesses. Take proper precautions to avoid minor injuries that may happen in 2021. Travelling may not be favorable for you this year. Good food habits, lifestyle modification and practicing yoga and meditation might help you improving mental and physical condition.

2021 Finance Prediction
Gemini born might face financial loss during 2021, especially in the first half (January to June). Expenditures may affect your bank balance. From July onwards opportunities in money saving may come. Avoiding stress may lead to better decision making. In case of buying or selling properties give proper attention. Money transactions should be carefully done. Investments may become profiting during last months (September to December) of 2021.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Duration of April to August of 2021 may be best for romantic couples. Months of May and June may be romantically best in 2021 for married couples. If you are still single you can expect a romantic love life waiting for you in 2021 which may bring good luck and happiness to your life. Argument should be avoided to keep relationship away from long lasting conflicts.

2021 Love Life Prediction
This year may bring good luck for aspirants of higher studies. You can expect admission in good institutions after first week of April. Success may come your way if you are a student of Law, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or Telecommunication. Students completing Bachelor Degree may enjoy a good and successful time this year. Students appearing for board examinations in 2021 may have to put intense hard work to succeed. Good opportunities for studying abroad may come for aspirants.

2021 Love Life Prediction
2021 may be good for startups for Gemini born. Concrete planning needs to be done before deals and new projects. Mining business owners can expect huge profit this year. February, May, April and September may be most profit making months in 2021 for business owners. There may be chances of waste of money which can be avoided by wise decision making and relying own hard work. Blind faith o business partner might cause huge loss. Some legal issues related to business may occur which may involve government officials.