capricorn Moon Sign makara Rashi Horoscope 2022


2022 Overall Horoscope
2022 may bring a more financially stable time to the life of Capricorn born. You may make new friends and influential contacts this year. Health issues of self and family members may be a reason of stress for you. There may be peace and happiness in family. Child birth may bring more joy to your life this year. A member of your family might get married this year. You may remain worried for education of your children in 2022. Pay more attention to your mental health and development.

2022 Career Prediction
Capricorn born can expect growth in work life in 2022. There may be chances of desired transfer and promotions. If you are maying to change industry, job or work place, do it during the first or last quarter (January - April and September to December) of the year. Keeping cordial relation with colleagues and higher authorities may work in your favor in 2022. You might make new enemies at work place but consequences of the same might not be hugely negative.

2022 Health Prediction
Capricorn born may have a difficult time health wise in 2022. Minor health issues related to digestion, obesity, liver and weather borne diseases might arise. Health condition may deteriorate due to hard work. Mental peace may get disturbed and stress may take a toll on your physical and mental health in 2022. Take precautionary measures, eat healthy food and modify lifestyle to keep your health in a better condition. Indulge yourself in exercise and fun activities to control anxiety and stress.

2022 Finance Prediction
Capricorn born may feel financially stable in 2022. Although rate of expenditure may be high continuous flow of income may keep a balance between earning and expenditure. You might explore new sources of income during initial months (January - March) of this year. You may be able to buy expensive things, land house properties and automobile properties this year.

2022 Love Life Prediction
2022 may bring some challenges in your love life. If you are in a romantic relationship pay attention on what you speak. Attacking gestures and harsh comments may affect your love life adversely so avoid arguments and do not be judgmental. You may get hitched to your loved one during last few months (September - December) of this year. Love may retain between married couples. If you are Capricorn and are married you may see family matters creating a negative impact on your married life. It may be sorted by communication and understanding.

2022 Education Prediction
Capricorn students may have an average to good academic year in 2022. Students aspiring for higher education may enjoy a great time and success. Students who are appearing for competitive examinations may get success this year. Your focus may be on your goal most of the time. You may be able to put hard work in studies and get results accordingly.

2022 Business Prediction
Capricorn born business owners cannot expect huge amount of profits this year. You may not face loss but you may have to put much effort and work hard to keep up your earning through your business up to the mark. Investing big amount of money in new projects may not give you desired results this year. If you are maying to start a new business in 2022 do it during the first semester (January - June) of the year. Partnership business owners can expect good profits from business and harmony between partners may retain.