aquarius Moon Sign kumbha Rashi Horoscope 2022


2022 Overall Horoscope
Aquarius born may experience quite a challenging and eventful year in 2022. You may have to put your experiences, skill, abilities and mental strength in every serious step you take this year. A family member of your may get married this year. There is a chance for you to get the joy of child birth in 2022. Your friends and family member may support you and cooperate so that you succeed in your ventures. Health issues may become a burden this year. If you are married and already have a child you may get another child this year.

2022 Career Prediction
Work life of Aquarius born may be little challenging and full of ups and downs in this year. Corporate and government workers may get a transfer. You may have to keep your cool and handle situation with patience when it gets difficult. Arguments with higher authorities may negatively impact your work life. Keep good relation with colleagues. People who are currently unemployed may get jobs in this year. Second half of the year may become more prosperous and you may get acclamation for keeping up good work and efforts.

2022 Health Prediction
Stress and anxiety may take a toll on health of Aquarius born in 2022. Chances of minor clinical issues are there for you this year which may mostly be caused by poor digestion, weather and chronic health issues. You may go through minor injury. Health condition may adversely affect your work. You may have to pay more attention to mental health in order to improve physical health condition. Adopt a new hobby or get into activities of your choice to combat dilemma and mental turbulences.

2022 Finance Prediction
Aquarius born may enjoy a good financial condition in 2022. As the rate of earning and expenditure may be almost same you may not be able to save wealth this year. You may buy properties and jewelries this year. Social and family events may demand big amount of expenditure from you.

2022 Love Life Prediction
Aquarius born may enjoy an excellent love life in 2022. Love and romance may remain intact between your and partner. Individuals who are single and are ready to get into a relationship might get a romantic partner this year. People who are already in relationship may get it run smoothly. Married couples may also enjoy great time together this year. You may get marriage proposals this year. Couples who are not married yet can expect to get hitched during first semester (January - June) of 2022.

2022 Education Prediction
Aquarius students may not face many obstacles in studies during 2022. Students appearing for competitive examinations might not get desired results in this year. Initial months (January - March) of 2022 may be great for students aspiring to get higher studies. Hard work may bring better luck in Aquarius students' academics.

2022 Business Prediction
The first semester of this year (January - June) may be prosperous for Aquarius business owners. You may expect good profit from your business during this time period and you may think of expanding it further within this time. The time may be good for startups as well. Some difficulties in business might occur during latter half (July - December) of 2022. If you want to invest on new projects and sign new deal do it during the first half. Taking advice from experienced ones might help your business get out of issues this year.