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Mysteries of the creation are concealed in number. Numerology is a method which deals with number. The method is strongly connected with our life. With the steady course of time numerologist changes the mean of their research. Today, 1-9, these 9 numbers are the main feature of numerology. Each and every number has its own extent and every individual is a related with one or more numbers.

It is a fact that numerology has been assaulted for going beside the laws. Actually its opposite is true. Numerology has symbolic meaning. Every number has its own pulsation and its own moving control upon the human being. An individual takes birth on a certain day with a name. Numerology applies those numbers to explain who the person is, and find the destiny of the person.

It has been applied since the old age to make out the destiny of human life. It connects a miniature model of something to the universe. Ancient astrologer assumed that all substantial are connected with nine planets. Each of the nine planets has a vibration of a number like, sun shake to the number 1, moon shake for number 2, etc.

You may ensure your characteristic among the number of fate, the number of destiny and the number of name. The number of fate is the summation of birth date, the number of destiny is the summation of the digit of birth date and the number of name is the summation of the numeral of alphabet which. Every alphabet in English shakes for a specific number.

You have no power over your destiny and fate number. It is considered that by applying a number which shakes positively with the destiny and fate numbers, you are capable of living more in harmony with what type of nature planned for you.

Sometimes the scientific theories are considered as “numerology” if their main motivation emerge example. This informal use of the word is quiet familiar inside the scientific area. It is used mainly to send away the theory of dubious science. All is happen in an individual’s life are also stand upon the individual’s name number.

The Bible discusses the vitality of numbers connected with the letters. Many people have gained after changing their names on the basis of natural world.

Zero was popularised in the Europe at the 11th century. When the Arabic number methods are adopted, many numerology methods were grown to give numerical ethics of the alphabets. This method is known as gematria.

Numerology finds numbers which is associated with your birth time and your name. It will provide you the information about your character, strengths and weaknesses, natural talents, motivations and life purpose. You can also plan for major important dates in your life based on what numerology says. It’s interesting, it’s Fun…