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Number 9
For the people who have number 9 as their emblem would have their ruling planet as mars. Among all the people in the world, these people are the most generous in nature and have a feeling of humanity among people. Since they all have a separate set of values, ideas and mannerism, the visualization of all those would be related to the betterment of the society. Since they have their own fascination charisma in various fields of life, they have their own way of impression

They also have a capacity to tolerate any type of negative effects in them. Since they are been blessed by god with a good imagination, they will be really remarkable with the option of genuine creativity. Since they do not have any selfish behavior among themselves, god has blessed them with the characteristics like generosity, kindness, humbleness etc.Greatest worriers in world are with number 9. Most suitable profession is job in army, air force, police or any business related to war equipments or Cars. Most favorite colors are Red and should use Red color in any important events in life.

Romance is in their heart. They are really having a self sacrificing in nature with a great loving attitude towards people of the nation. Since they have an open mind and are straight forward in nature, they would have a great dynamism with respect to their benevolent nature. They don’t bother much in spending time as well as money in any direction they wish. The spending option can also be for the society or other parts of world. Even if people do not provide any appreciation as well as reward for their work, they would never step back to for them once again.

Among the fundamental numbers number 9 is regarded as the highest number. Number 9 is number of rebirth, improvement, zeal and venture. One amazing fact about this number 9 is that if you add it to any number, the fundamental does not alter. If you add 9 with number 2 and continue adding 9, the primary number always is number 2. Like - 2, 20, 29, 92 etc. Or if you add number 9 with number 3 and continue adding 9, the sequence will be same like – 3, 21, 30, etc.

The planet Mars is believed powerful when a native is born on the Tuesday or in the planetary house of the Mars on the 27th, 18th and 9th day of any month especially in between 21st March to 21st April and 24the October to 23rd November. It is because the planet Mars is governing planet of Aries and Scorpio.

9 are mentally tough. They are gifted with the fighting spirit. May be their childhood was spent toiling hard. But their efforts are eventually capped with triumph. It is owing to their fearless character and tireless zeal. Number 9 possesses huge ego. They are believed to be good friends and dangerous enemies.

The negative character of those people would include self assured characteristics, shyness, snobbishness, fury as well as anger. Well suited profession for these people would be in the field of politics, photography, academician, writer as well as philosopher.