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Number 8
The eighth house is governed by the Scorpio in the zodiac. The individuals with number 8 have their ruling planet as Saturn. The people in this particular part will be really powerful. Since these people have wide inspiration. They are also really visionary and have power to be with authority. Since they are highly ambitious people, they have zeal to do something in their life. Since they are slow in their approach, they are having a great generosity as they are highly humanitarian in nature

Since they are very good workers, they tends to work in a persisting way. Since they have an open mindedness, they have no trouble in forgiving people. They are really having an eagle eye with regards to various types of money matters. Since they are self disciplined in nature, they have a good through of wealth and success in life.Person with number 8 get every thing with delay. They usually gets delayed marriage, delayed promotions, etc. They should wear Blue in any important events in life for success. They are steady in progress, they are wise and can get into deeper in any subject.

They are very good managers with their strongly built managerial skills. Since they can frame a great schedule along with a particular time frame and dedication, they will be the person to achieve success in every field. The negative qualities in those people are with the fact that, they have a very low temperament. If they are boss to a particular group of people, they would be really impatient to get work without knowing about the actual cause of delay.

They are focused in the material value. They have a fear to lose treasure. They can also be addicted to a particular type of habits or intoxication. There can be situations when they are really been trapped in such a feeling which have absolutely no use. They have a fear of getting rejected in life. Even the underestimation by people will be a negative scope for them. 

The 8th house is represented by the Phoenix rising up from ashes. The 8th house contains birth, death, healing, surgery, presents, wills, birthright, credit, wealth of others, wealth of spouse, support of children, investments, taxes, physical pleasures and the approach towards that. This is the reward of giving an individual to another.

An individual who possesses the eighth house in his birth chart may easily bored with the mechanical connections between partners. He may prefer drama in his relationship to something dull or superficial.

The spiritual memories of the eighth house may come crawling back and trouble us in the appearance of illogical fears and nervousness, terror attacks, obsessive and determined behaviors, groundless jealousies and suspicion. The spiritual memories have the strength to lame our capability to live completely in comfort. Likely they can limp our capability to take part in strong, mutual relationships with the other people in our daily life. They cry out forcefully for rescue.