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Number 7
People with number 7 will have their ruling planet as Ketu. These people tend to have a spiritual way of though. Their physical characteristics involve a charming attitude, amicable as well as full of zeal in life. Since they have a great emphasis with regards to their wisdom, their intellectual way of thinking is really appreciable. Whatever goal they have in their life have a good focus. Before coming to a conclusion about any matter, they have a focus on its depth.

They carry on with the part of analyzing the facts really well and then come to a conclusion. After gathering knowledge as well as wisdom from the surroundings, they would always have a hope to find out the truth. Since they are having a great phenomenon to be with isolation, they even wish to work alone. Person with Number 7 can become a great mathematician or scientist. Ketu makes a person great Politian too. World’s great politicians are born with number 7. Lucky for the person with number 7 color is black and lucky stone is Cat’s eye.

Since they are totally abstract, they don’t have a desire to analyze their thinking. Their strength, mental ability as well as intuition would be actually mystic in nature. Since they have a high sense of self respect, they hardly have a cause to be accountable in friendship. With respect to love as well as travel they have an intention to see everything in a perfect order.

The weakness of these people lies with the fact that, they don’t have capability to express their emotions as well as feelings. Since they are having an egoistic attitude, they have love feelings towards themselves.

Long ago the number of the figures supposed to make up the Solar System to which the number was recognised the supernatural importance. In the year 1666, Sir Isaac Newton recognised to them the 7 colours of the spectrum.

Human being was supposed to be a 7 fold being:

The Sun – His strengths of life and the religious being within.

The Moon – His supernatural being and the kingdom of vegetable.

The Mercury – His wisdom and the area of mind.

The Venus – His heavenly, eternal self and the kindly nature.

The Mars – His foul nature and the beast nature.

The Jupiter – His advanced corporeal nature and his optimism.

The Saturn – His supernatural being and the kingdom of mineral.

The 7 fatal sins of the old age theologians said was – indolence, the Sun; desire, the Moon: greed, the Mercury; fury, the Mars; lust, the Venus; covetousness, the Saturn; superiority, the Jupiter.

The 7 virtues are – prudence, the Saturn; wisdom, the Mercury; wish, the Sun; belief, the Jupiter; bravery, the Mars; adore, the Venus, chastity, the Moon.

A native of the number 7 stay away from the worthless talk and killing time in worthless subjects. He will not go along with awkward modern approach and view.

As per the profession is involved, they would shine in the field of teaching, filmmaking, artistic fields. They can also be a good researcher, religious preacher, inventor etc.