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Ruling Planets:

Angel Number 67 is governed by Venus and Ketu which always has the control on its hand. Thus you cant move a single step without its wish. It has number 6, 7 and 4 and the dominance of 4 is greater than the other numbers. Angel Number 67 can also be formed as number 50 and 8 also and are compatible with each other.


This is a family number and is always into the acquisition of materialistic things. It is more of a family, idealism, and focus. It can also secure ground in education or knowledge field. You can work tirelessly without taking breaks. With a little hard work, you can achieve great success and achieve the tag of a VIP. In spite of all the success, you need to remain grounded as you can lose your acquired wealth if you get hoggish. Men of this number have a desire for women. But women are filled with love and grace.

Business and Career Numerology:

Like number 151, this number is identified as to bring with it bundles of joy and happiness with success and prosperity. You can be successful in dance, music, writing, films and also in acting. However, your education will help you acquire the wealth you needed.

In the name numerology if there are numbers which have meanings like losing, die, nope or even war as this is inauspicious. Thus it is recommended to change your business or even personal name to get success and not failures.

Health Numerology:

It is said that you must avoid the numbers 3, 9 and 8 from your name numerology as each of the individual numbers can be the cause of the downfall of number 67.

Love Numerology:

You would be a good lover and a passionate one. The partner will enjoy your company and the family and friends will take your advice and suggestions. Sometimes you would remain busy with your office works also. In relationship, you would be the one who is always compromised and gives the unconditional love. Your strength and confidence will be the talk of the town and both the families will bless you as a couple.

Destiny position:

They are always chasing the dream and wants freedom to survive, but they tend to be selfish at times.

Hearts desire:

Angel Number 67 is much secured and also desire for security. It always builds the foundation for career and family.

Angel number:

It is just like number 76 (reverse of 67). It means that any of dreams could get the wings to fly and get a platform to be a reality. This would require lots of your sweat and grease. If you think that your success is for your hard work then you would be wrong as the angel number would also have a certain contribution in it.