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Numerology Number 666 would have a mixed review as there is a believer of being an Antichrist number by popular the western countries and as per the numerologists. Numerology Number 666 represents number 6 which is inclined towards home, family and love. It is believed to be the number of women

Ruling Planets:

If you add the Numerology Number 666 when it comes to number 9 thus the ruling planet is Mars. So it encourages tolerance, humanity, and love. There are three 6s but number 9 has its influence. However, the essence of 6 (the ruling planet is Venus) will be homely, harmony and idealism.


Numerology Number 666 considers the whole universe as its home and makes philanthropic steps to set examples. It has the healing the factor which makes them magnificent. They work for charity purposes and are generous to dedicate their lives for these purposes. They are often far from any profitable works and love to live with the family members rather than staying alone. They always account for love and care for the family members and often meet their needs with endurance.






Marriage and Love Numerology:

It is believed by the modern and the western culture that this number is the beast number and marriage and love is not possible. But as per numerology, Numerology Number 666 is considered as the humanitarian, loving and family oriented person. Thus it gives a mixed review of all the other thoughts. It depends upon the couples to live a happy married life or to upset life.

Business and Career Numerology:

According to the numerologists, Numerology Number 666 can be good for the business and even for the career options. They become successful as they dont consider the money as an important purpose. As for career options, they get quick promotions. They often help others with their issues and provide solutions from their share.  

Financial Numerology:

For the house or the office numbers Numerology Number 666 can be favorable, unless there are any defects or loopholes which can turn to be the greatest disaster.

Health Numerology:

Since Numerology Number 666 is ruled by the planet Mars, it has the effect of heat and is often furious and aggressive. They can suffer from nervousness and other issues related to the brain and spine.

Angel number:

The Angel Number 666 represents peace, selflessness, loyal and compromise. It helps others to grow without asking anything in return. They recommend you to listen to your heart and intuition but you have to give your hard work and labor for that. If you see this number on a continuous basis you will make your time out for your family and spread positive energy.

Number 666 as the destructive number: (BEAST)

This credit goes to the Hollywood film called Omen where this number is presented with great destruction and portrayed as an evil number. Is it true though? Lets check that. The Venus age is known as the destructive period for our universe where the population increased and all the pleasures came into force. Moreover, the planet Mars is the war planet and it is being related to the century change. If we see the beginning of 21st century drags us to the destruction and the health issues are doubled. It is often considered as the symbol of greed and is also a curse or a devil.