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Number 6
People of this number will have their ruling planet as Venus. These people have compassion and this becomes their inbuilt quality. Other positive qualities of these people would include benevolent nature, philanthropic, amicable, humanitarian etc. Since they don’t have any trace of selfishness, they have a sacrificing nature with them. They are always equipped with their own responsibilities and do not even thinks of shedding it off.

Since they are known for their charm as well as magnetism, they have a great attraction. Any relationships which are allocated with them have loyalty, commitment as well as stability. Another major character traits of these people are having kindness, care, affection and love towards any relationship they deals with.They are the most attractive people among all the other numbers. They can easily become popular in opposite gender. They also love art and music. They have huge potential to become artist or can go to any profession related to Music.

Even if they are good in their profession, the natives are also very dedicated towards their home. Rather there are many individuals who have made things really fascinating for individuals who are having a care and affection towards their home. They are really dedicated towards their marriage as well as the parental relationship. They have a goal to have betterment in their life as well as the society. Beauty in any form is been appreciated by them.

These people also have various negative traits. They are highly emotional to various circumstances. Their self sacrificing nature would be a hindrance to their own life as well as profession. They even have a sacrificing attitude which would make their talent, needs as well as desires to get sacrificed. They are not very keen to have a desire of making their life better. Rather they have a focus to make others happy and prosperous.

They can be a good professional in the field of teaching, artist, journalism, healthcare, craftsperson etc.  

Each and every number possesses a definite power. That is described either its sign to signify its representation or its relation to the general principles. Numbers have the link with all substances in the nature. It is forming them extremely powerful figurative expressions.

People who take birth on the 24th, 15th or 6th day of any month are ruled by number six. It is their governing number

They are the charming personas to meet. It is always pleasant to with them. Their presence always gets people enthusiastic. They talk very well. If someone is willing to make out them then he should be needed to put away their thoughts of ethics and communal conduct. They have to praise their (number six people) feelings and discussions.

They are extravagant. They have the weakness to wear rich clothes, to use good quality perfumes and jewelleries.

Diamonds, pearls and sapphires are suitable for the persons belong to the number six. July is the favourable month of them. Friday is the lucky day for them. 24, 15, 9, 4, 3, 2 are fortunate day in any month for the number six.