Number 52

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It is the mixture of number 2, 5 and 7. This number is sharp and is mentally stimulated with an analytical mind. It is related to spiritualism and theological understandings. The double-digit number is also called as a Master number or Karmic debt number. However, it is mostly dominated by a single digit number or numbers.

Ruling Planets:

Its ruling planet is Moon and Mercury. It is also said to be ruled by Ketu as its sum adds to number 7. This can lead to unsuccessful love life or financial constraints.


This number never accepts anything which is void or not happened yet thus it is quite grounded and its a non-fancy. It believes in substantive issues rather than any abstract ones. They keep their head high and are sociable also. They give priority to their own experiences and our hands on it. Their conversation skills are high and people enjoy their company to a certain extent. They like freedom of speech, companionship, consciousness and risky business. It is made of not only one number but is a mixture of other numbers.

Marriage Numerology:

There are beliefs that people having this number as their name number will get difficulties in their married lives, delays in marriage or even no marriage at all. Separation or divorce chances are possible as it is governed by Ketu.

Financial Numerology:

Financial matters can also give you some distress. There will be a lack of interest in anything you are doing. Every time you get onto other things and lack the interest very easily. It gives you various obstacles to your success.

Number differences:

This number is similar to number 25 as it also adds up to number 7 but there are certain dissimilarities also. It is related with Vishista Advaita or Monism along with it certain virtues but in number 25 it is without virtues. Number 25 is more related to efficiency but number 52 is always related to common persons.

Destiny position:

If your destiny number is 52 then you are fond of adventure and are intuitive also. But sometimes they can be over the top and analyse things which are not true at all.

Hearts desire:

This number cant accept things which are not yet experienced thus it becomes difficult to work at a start-up company or entering into a new venture.

Angel number:

If you can find that number 52 is with you in forms of a house number or car or even telephone or mobile number then its a symbol of changes in spirituality and towards positivity.