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Since time immemorial, Number 4 is being signified as the foundation stone of every creation. A simple table in your house consists of four legs. In the Map, there are four main directions. Number 4 has always been associated with the symbolism of positive result and completion.

The beauty of Four in Religions:

       In the world religion, Number 4 has immense contributions. In Hinduism, there are Four Vedas, the ancient record of humanity. It also mentions about the Four stages of human life to the Four Caste system according to the occupation.

       In Judaism, the word God consists of four letters. In Passover, four questions need to be asked. The legend also mentions the saga of four matriarchs.

       Buddhism records four noble truths, four stages of enlightenment, four mind process.

Three four is a formidable one

So various cultures give significant attention to Number 4. That is why, when you start seeing Number 444, frequently, try to decode the message hidden behind it. This article is all about the essence, secret message, and the meaning behind Number 444.

Goals must be firmly kneaded to the ground:

With Number 444, start taking the practical reality as your main motto. You must give a considerable thought on the practical goals and realistic dreams. Focusing and planning should occupy your attention.

Creativity with perfect amalgamation:

You need to start expressing yourself creatively. However, never lose touch from the pragmatic approach. Keeping your foundation realist could help you to reach your goals while your feet are firmly on the ground.


You are right now at a point where you can easily choose stability over indecisiveness. Not only your objectives but the people around you are looking out for you to create a stable approach. If you have lately been out of focus o your work, not only start focusing but pay double effort on it. If you are currently having some clash opinion with your family members or loved ones, now is the time to let bygones be bygones and stay united.

Dreams and ambitions:

You are right now just a few steps away from realizing your goal or dream. Do not let any weak moment take it away from you. With daily experience, your life is progressing at a rapid pace. You have gained the experience and lessons that are necessary to continue with your life success.

Communication from spirit:

With spirits communicating this favorable number, you finally start to feel protected and secured. A sense of pampering and security starts to settle in your heart. It will make your mind rational and cool-headed.

Balancing both worlds:

Wild creativity can bring destruction instead of construction. With Number 444 insight, you can now harness your creativity and channelize it into the proper direction. A hidden unity of creativity and practicality, which is a rare thing is bestowed upon you now! You are finally able to balance and establish harmony, too much-needed skills.

Take good care:

The only thing is that you do not overwork yourself. Always try to finish what is nearest your hand. Maintaining a schedule will help you out with managing the whole thing.

Success and stability:

One of the best thing with Number 444 is that more you become optimistic, higher the chances for your success. You can attract immense energy. Make yourself useful!