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Angel Number 30 is the most intense thinker and is common with duration and are related to time. It has some of the personality likings with number 3 and because it has number 0 the positive circumstances will be turned to infinite.

Ruling Planets:

The Angel Number 30 has its ruling planet as for the Jupiter as number 3 represents the planet and number 0 represents infinite opportunities or miseries. Since number 3 has its most influence so we can consider it planet as the ruling planet of number 30.  Number 0 will act as the support system of number 3.


If we talk about anyone who is selfless then number 30 tops the chart.  Because of number 0 this number will possess endless energy for social values and works with high imaginative level and dynamism. Instead of doing well for themselves they are more into betterment for others. They are basically an excellent thinker and have an appealing quality for others. The special characteristics they are born with:




Marriage and Love Numerology:

It is always said that the number 30 should avoid number 6 and also to avoid Emerald as it will give adverse effects on marital or love life. Other numbers which are suggested to avoid are 15 and 24 which you will see adds to number 6.

Business and Career Numerology:

Since Angel Number 30 is not at all compatible with number 6 so you must avoid ending up with partnerships with number 6. The best profession for number 30 will be social works and running NGO. You can also take up writing, for the purpose of entertaining people,

Financial Numerology:

The money will not be the deciding factor for you in every situation and the profits and gains will be next to nothing for you. But Angel Number 30 is suggested not to take any assistance or become partners with number 6 as the vivid effects of Jupiter will be dominated by Venus.

Health Numerology:

Angel Number 30 often deals with issues related to nervousness, headaches, stress and skeletal problems. If you are working for school then these problems will be common and you have to visit doctors every alternate day.

Destiny position:

This number will be fond of creativity and devoted towards social works which means you are bend towards the outgoing nature. But sometimes you will become too involved in mocking others and becoming irresponsible.

Hearts desire:

You always look into the dense and thick passion of others and often become selfless also. The natural talent of making other comfortable will give you satisfaction and thus fulfill your desire.

Angel number:

This number will knock at your door every day of your life and at regular intervals. This is bound to come after a certain age also. So you need to be careful about the divine meanings and embed on your life. It will send you the dictum of your spiritual involvement and to elevate yourself with the pertaining of being supreme.