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Angel Number 29 can be reduced by the education and culture will be good from the very beginning or with the change in name numerology. Else it can induce personal and professional fights. They cant help others even if they want due to the effects of the planets. It is recommended to change the name number as this number cannot be rectified as the persons are born with evil behavior.

Ruling Planets:

The ruling planets are Moon for number 2 and Mars for number 9, but they are not compatible with each other. Moreover, this number is added to master number 11 which enhances the malefic effects.


You are always prone to take revenge and dont forget things too easily. You are fractious but dont take the blame on yourself and fight for small things. You are highly selfish and try to blow your own trumpet. However, they are fawn and are afraid. They fear their seniors but trouble their juniors every time.  The parents of this number should be aware of their children and give knowledge from their childhood. They should protect them from bad company. The special characters are :





Marriage and Love Numerology:

The family and married life can be worst for this number. Numbers 2 and 9 are incompatible with each other and should never be paired. Or else there will be separation which is obligatory. This number can be the strength for others and symbolizes lion.

Business and Career Numerology:

Angel Number 29 mostly produces evil souls and this number produces magicians and sorcerers. But if this number will be successful in business as they know most of the tricks to do it. Try to avoid any dates with number 29 for business name and inauguration or meeting dates. The best professions for these numbers are yoga, martial arts, and gymnastics or any other physical activity class trainers.

Financial Numerology:

Since Angel Number 29 will be good at business deals the financial issues with the businessmen will be less as compared to those having monthly earnings as career options.

Health Numerology:

If the negative traits are not controlled then issues and sufferings from throat and kidney problems can be prominent. Other health traits can be sleeplessness, poor blood circulations, and nervousness which cannot be avoided.

Destiny position:

The essence of number 2 will be greater than number 9 and the master number 11 will bring out the impacted effects of hypnotism and delusion.

Hearts desire:

Angel Number 29 will be diplomatic in handling masses and will be natural in dealing with these things. They can take responsibility in their shoulders and contribute to the group. However, sometimes conflicts can be displayed.

Number differences:

Unlike the number 29, number 92 will be vibrant and works for humanitarian purposes. The malefic effects of number 29 will be absent for a greater percentage. Number 92 will be for the betterment and happiness of society.

Angel number:

If you get into frequent contact with this number you should know that something is going to happen for good. Angel Number 29 will make the person diplomatic and cooperate with others and reduce the malefic effects of the number 29 for some time. Master number 11 has its frequency and involve in humanitarian works.