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This number is consists of three numbers as 1, 4 and 5 (in a combination of 1+4). You will be the risk taker and are more likely and happy to take challenges. Most of the travellers of the world are with Numerology Number 14.

Ruling Planets:

Mercury is the ruling planet for number 14 same as number 5 and the influence of this number is more than number 1 and 4.


Number 1 represents leadership and intuitions. They are also ambitious too. Number 4 represents focus and is very methodical too. But if we talk about number 14 then it gives us a clear picture of freedom, wit, will power and leadership. They express interest pretty much all the things around it. You will have a shifting nature and always keeps on traveling and getting new ideas. You will be busy every moment and meet with every kind of people.

Business Numerology:

You can be a very good entrepreneur. You can avoid number 7 and 8 from the name of your business as it will give you negative results. This number will make you lose your concentration, which can cause a distraction for your business. In order to get the most desired result, you can use your life path number except the mentioned numbers and get lucky.

Health Numerology:

Health can be affected by stress and paralysis. Later on, there could be gastric problems also. You can also suffer from joint pain, tumor, cough, and gout. Due to this, you will fail to get any balance in your life.

Love Numerology:

This number will have a special person who could make them feel blessed and have a great partnership also. This number has a disadvantage that it cannot go for a long term relationship. In order to get the attention of number 14, the opposite person should be exactly the opposite mindset.

Destiny position:

If the destiny number is 14 then one can get instant success or the success will be at their foot. However, it should be followed by hard work done in the past.

Hearts desire:

Since this number is restless they will travel a lot and have a long term goal. They will also have high dreams to fulfill.

Angel number:

Angel number 14 will keep you towards positive attitude and revisit your aims and goals. However, you have to be careful in every step of your success.

There is a special mirror number as 1414 which can be with you in the form of house number, locker number, vehicle number or even mobile or telephone number. This types of numbers are always good as they tend to attract money, success or love.