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What is inner dream numbers & how to calculate


Personality Number is also known as the Inner dream Number. It gives you a catch about your overall personality; how it evolved over the years and the impression, you present about yourself to the outer world.

To calculate the Inner Dream Number :

  • Write down your full birth name on a piece of paper. It must be named that was given to you immediately after your birth. You may have a different name or change your name for professional or personal reason, but the changed name must not be used. You only need the name that was initially given to you after you saw the first light on the Earth.
  • Now pick out the consonants from the name.
  • You must take the consonants from first, middle (if any) and last name.
  • After writing down the consonants separately, refer to this below table.

  • 123456789

  • Add up the numbers that are corresponding to the consonants. Keep on adding with each other until you get the root number.
  • In case the result is 11, 22 or 33 in any point of calculation, then stop calculating immediately. They are the master number, and they are treated separately apart from 1-9 root numerology series.


To make it more transparent, let us calculate the inner dream number of Ann Bennett.

The consonants in this name are N, N (first name) and B, N.N, T, T (last name)

Now let us take the corresponding number of each letter and add them up, 5(N)+5(N)+2(B)+5(N)+5(N)+2(T)+2(T)= 26.2+6=8.

So the inner dream number of Ann Bennett is 8. To know more about her personality and her scope of improvement for better, we must refer to the characteristics and attributes of Number 8 and its influence it has on the person.

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Dream Number 1 :

  • Number 1 is influenced heavily by the Sun.
  • The person with 1 as inner dream numbers is full of boldness, confidence, and freewheeling.
  • They portray themselves as straightforward and aggressive.
  • They have the utmost desire to become a leader.
  • People who come across them perceive them to be dominating.

Dream Number 2 :

  • The planetary characteristic of Moon influences number 2.
  • With this as the number you present yourself to be the peacemaker in your gang.
  • They can use the tactics of diploma very easily.
  • The number tends to cooperate with anyone with any venture.
  • They are very gentle and politely behaved.
  • Give them any situation, and they will come out of it unscathed and relaxed disposition.

Dream Number 3 :

  • Planet Jupiter rules number 3 folks.
  • They are very entertaining and can make anyone laugh with their jokes.
  • Number 3 is full of innovative ideas and creative pursuits.
  • They are very joyful and always smiling.
  • They desire popularity over anything.
  • Their behavior gives the world a lasting impression of their positivity.

Dream Number 4 :

  • Number 4 is influenced by the planet Uranus.
  • Number 4 is a very rigorous worker and believe in working their way up to people’s mind.
  • They can manage a bunch of people and execute any task efficiently.
  • People look up to them for their sense of discipline and perfection.

Dream Number 5 :

  • The planet of Mercury influences number 5.
  • They are very sensual and love to meet new people.
  • The come across as extrovert and curious people.
  • They want to free from any rules and responsibilities.
  • They are full of wit and humor.
  • They have an unusual way of making money.

Dream Number 6 :

  • Number 6 is influenced by the planet Venus.
  • They are very responsible people who love their family and home.
  • They act as the granny of the gang to whom anyone can lean on for support.
  • They are full of love and empathize with people whom they love.

Dream Number 7 :

  • The planet Neptune influences number 7.
  • People are dazzled by the fineness and style of Number 7.
  • They have an elegant and classic taste.
  • They are actually very secretive and do not let their guards down.
  • They are very knowledgeable who believes in positivity.
  • They are perceived to be hard working.
  • They are very spiritual.
  • You can always identify them by their love for mysticism.

Dream Number 8 :

  • Number 8 is influenced by the planet Saturn.
  • They constitute the double characteristic of 4.
  • They are extra diligent in putting work above their personal lives.
  • Their behavior reflects on being a person with successful administrative capacity.
  • They have the dynamism to establish the business.
  • They preach positivity and show hard work.
  • Their aura is magnetic.

Dream Number 9 :

  • The planet Mars rules the number.
  • Number 9 is the one who people love for their humanitarian cause.
  • They are knowledgeable who loves to talk intellectual.
  • They have a strange quality to make people listen to them.
  • They are very confident and courageous.
  • They are very tolerant of liberal views.

Dream Number 11 :

  • Number 11 is deeply influenced the characteristics of Moon.
  • They have a pleasing and easy aura.
  • They come across as cooperative and very helping.
  • They are highly spiritual and believe in Higher Power.
  • They have the double characteristics of Number 2 because it is a Master Number.

Dream Number 22 :

  • The planet Uranus heavily influences number 22.
  • They are very loyal and spiritual.
  • They are very straightforward.
  • They are a builder in nature who is full of ambitious thoughts.
  • The elements of mystery somewhat shroud them.

Dream Number 33 :

  • Number 33 is ruled by the planet Venus.
  • They are easy to make friends.
  • They are responsible for their family members.
  • They are very religious and mystic.
  • They would do anything to protect the reputation of their loved ones.

Apart from Sun Number, you have various factors such as Hidden Passion, Pinnacle number, Life Path number and many more to chalk out your actual whole personality and prediction.


Worth of knowing Inner Dream Numbers :


Knowing your personality number is very crucial as it informs you about the facts based on your first impression of the world. By checking your suitable Inner Dream Number, numerologist shows you the right way to interact, communicate, and present yourself to the community that might prove beneficial to you. In short, it helps you to survive in the long run.

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