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This number is different from the name numerology number as it will show the hidden passion of a person to know themselves better and to grow a passion for life.

Let us see how to calculate the hidden passion number for your name manually :

123456 789


Now write the numbers according to your full name with your first, middle and last name and add them up to find your hidden passion number. Suppose if your name is John Burn.

J=1+O=6+H=8+N=5+B=2+U=3+R=9+N=5, which sums to 39=3+9=12=1+2=3. So your hidden passion number is 3. Now let us discuss the numbers one by one :


Hidden passion Number 1 :

You prove yourself to be the leader and a warrior to fight for your life. You always want to be a politician or a leader. Your desire for athletics can be strong and you desire to always become the first and the best or all. You have a creative skill and often influence people with better thinking.

Negative traits :

You can often become manipulative and dominating. You also lack confidence at an early age but overcome them with your experience.

Hidden passion Number 2 :

Always a peacemaker this number will be sensitive and has pleasant nature towards others. You strive to keep a balance and harmony with the other numbers and avoid any kind of grudges and rancour. You often avoid noisy and loud places and finds quiet and peaceful areas even at a night club. You are characterized by timidity and shyness.

Negative traits :

This number will always fear of the future and gets agitated in small details. You are too emotional and waste energy and time with wrong decisions.

Hidden passion Number 3 :

This number loves enjoyment. They are sociable and always find groups to entertain others. You love to act and find interest in other art forms like dance, music, painting, and singing. You are optimistic and has a charismatic aura which is loved by all.

Negative traits :

You often get bored with the same things and things gets dull and lack lustre if it takes too long. Again you think that the grass is greener on the other side which is wrong which proves that your mind is not set and lacks focus. You are often being selfish or express too much sensitivity.

Hidden passion Number 4 :

Unlike the name number, this number has a rock solid presence and is predetermined with all its goals and is very focused in its future. You are practical and self-disciplined to release yourself to achieve the heights of life. The people with family members are dependent on your views and daily life. You love the security and love nature also. You have an eye for beauty and has a good sense of judgment.

Negative traits :

There are no negative traits but the only thing is that you don’t like something new and unexpected.

Hidden passion Number 5 :

Unlike number 4 this number is just the opposite. It loves adventure and accepts new things at ease. You are highly talented in writing and have good knowledge of any language. This number has a high sense of social knowledge and is suitable for public speaking. You love yourself and have a good sense of humor. You are original and talks too practical.

Negative traits :

You sometimes become impulsive and gets to indulge with junk food and drugs also. Your sense of freedom sometimes is not suitable for the family members and you often move out form relationships. You don’t stick to one person or job due to your love for freedom.

Hidden passion Number 6 :

You are responsible and make sacrifice whenever needed. Your actions are of humanitarian and will prove to be a good spouse. The children would look after you and listen to your ideas. You will be at your best as a teacher and a nurse.

Negative traits :

People often take you as granted and you have to be careful about that as most of them take your advantage. Your opinions are taken as the first priority but without thanking you.

Hidden passion Number 7 :

You are very intelligent and have the intuition to deal with aloofness. You don’t like to be on groups like others. You are best when you are given space and are left alone. You like to meditate but often get sceptical where you’re learning and wisdom stops. You don’t like to time on any insignificant matters. You like things to be perfect and provide solutions to the issues which you find intricate. You are a lovable person and gets happiness from the people around you.

Negative traits :

You can be selfish, depressed with small things. Sometimes finding space will make you away from the group and the last person to know the news. People find you difficult to understand your feelings and misunderstand you.

Hidden passion Number 8 :

You can able to understand the inner desire of others with your natural powers. You have the ability to achieve your goals but you have to take the test of frustration. You need someone who will always support and motivate you. You can become an organizer and managers with a thick business sense. You can become a judge also. You often have to go through criticism and abuse. But you should not lose your temper.

Negative traits :

You can become dominating at times and you get hard times to find the success and stability with your work.

Hidden passion Number 9 :

As the name numerology, this number is known for its humanitarian works but for the hidden passion number it represents generosity and greatness. You are independent and have artistic views. You have the knowledge of the universe and have your hands on success in every aspect of life but most of their thoughts get into the old records and get piled up.

Negative traits :

People might not give the desired respect towards you and your thoughts might not get its practicality.