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The Balance Number is represented by an inverted triangle of the Numerology chart. It influences during the time of crisis in your life and you need to rely on your Balance Number. So it is very important to know about your Balance Number to lead a happy and healthy life. But we don’t know how to calculate it. So let us go into detail of it.

How to calculate Balance Number in Numerology?

As we all know how to calculate Name Number but the Balance Number is a bit different from that. We have to consider the initials of the names and then add them up to get a single digit. The numbers of the alphabets are the same as we calculate in name number. To understand this better we should take an example:

Martha Julius Packam is the name and if we see here the initials are M+J+P=M=4+J=1+P=7=4+ 1+7=12=1+2=3. Thus it can be concluded that the balance number is 3. Now let us discuss all the numbers one by one.

Balance Number 1:

You are a creative and courageous personality. Your success comes after a long day of hard work. Since you prefer to work alone that would be the reason for your excessive stress. But you can get some help from your family or even friends. You should also open to seeking advice from other people.

Balance Number 2:

You are a diplomat and use your sagacity to come up with the answers to the questions. You can trust your instincts as they are strongly built within you. However some of the times you involve your emotions and this leads to further problems. The sense of humor will be well developed in you.  

Balance Number 3:

The optimistic of all and takes any harsh situations with dalliance. They have natural magnetism and can turn things towards their focus. They are very emotional and yet optimistic also. You need to take different angles and ask for suggestions from others. You must avoid sombre or glum situations.

Balance Number 4:

This number is the most practical of all and a disciplined one. You should know the values to forgive, understanding and clemency. You must sacrifice to lead a peaceful life. You must not exaggerate any situation and make any judgment of your own. You must not lose your temper as it will give you adverse results. A laugh at yourself will ease the worst situations.

Balance Number 5:

These people are the deluder as they can’t handle the baffling situations at all. They don’t run away but they often get out of the same old issues. It is seen that you are creative in finding solutions to the crux.

Balance Number 6:

You are a better understandable person. You don’t get away from the situation but try to solve even if you think it can’t be solved. However, the negative trait for balance number 6 is that they rely too much on people without the proper knowledge of the situation which cannot be justified.

Balance Number 7:

You are a saver and avoid any kind of controversies. You keep on mixing up the emotions with the situation thus you become stressed out in small details. You often tend to get out of the situation but that doesn’t always help you. It is suggested to get hands-on with some responsible works.

Balance Number 8:

You are eager to take responsibilities and don’t hesitate to lead people at the time of their crisis. You are always able to come up with any kinds of solutions to any matter.  But you have to keep in mind not to force anyone to take your opinion as there can be confusion however you have to be confident.

Balance Number 9:

You are a problem solver and find it very fascinating also. You always look for the big picture but due to this, you find yourself detached to the world and involve into aloofness. However, you grant a position for yourself as higher than the others.