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virat kohli Numerology

Born on: 5th November, 1988

Virat Kohli was born on 5 November 1988. He is the present captain of Indian Cricket team. Known for his magnificent centuries, he is right-handed and plays at the top order., he is ranked as one of the greatest batsmen in the World. He occupies Numer 1 position in Test Match. He garnered victory of Under 19 World Cup under his captainship at 2008. He debuted in International ODI at the age of 19. He debuted in Test at 2011 and went on to score hundreds. He was a part of the squad which won 2011 Cricket World Cup. He holds the record of being fastest batsman to reach 10000 to 11000 runs in ODI.

Soul Urge

He is some of the exclusively gifted spiritual personas. Therefore, it is essential for him to get proper guidance regarding his power utilization. He has a philosophical outlook to complicated matters of the mundane world. Mainly he is blessed with a noble soul. He is very analytical. He weighs every pros and con and comes up to a systematic conclusion. He is not very dogmatic. He is the ones to give a logical turn of points to dogmatic views and archaic principles. Virat Kohli is sharp at an intellectual level. Nothing can turn him on than an intelligent and polished conversation. This is the only way he can manage him to open up.

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