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Born on: 26th January, 1980

Uday Kiran was born on 26 th Jan, 1980 to parents VVK Murthy and Nirmala was an actor of Tamil and Telugu films. His original name was Vajpayajula Uday Kiran. He did his schooling and graduation from KV Picket and Wesley College. His career started from modeling and later debuted in the film Chitram in 2000. His biggest grossing film was Nuvvu Nenu and Nee Sneham for both of which he got the Filmfare awards. He also made films in Tamil called Poi. He was married to Vishitha. But the actor died on 5 th Jan, 2014 due to suicide.

Inner Dream

He is compassion, harmony, balance, and diplomacy. Uday Kiran is not seeking any aggression, nor like to go head on with his opponents. Instead, he puts forward harmonious and desirable alternative for a peaceful solution. He can world perfectly behind the screen and keep the leader grounded. His balanced judgment is respected and revered by all. Of all his gentle behavior, however, he becomes fiercely protective when it comes to his family and loved ones. He craves for peace. And he wants for love! Uday Kiran really gets along as perfect lover.

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