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Born on: 18th July, 1972

Soundarya was born in 18th July 1972. Her full name is Sowmya Stayanarayam. She is an Indian actress working mainly in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi films. Her notable films include Aapthamitra (2004), Dweepa(2002) and Ammoru (1995). She won Nandi Award for Best Actress and Filmfare Award for Best Actress for film Anthapuram. She starred in Sooryavansham opposite Amitabh Bachchan. Her film Dweepa, which she produced herself, won National Film Award for Best Feature Film. She starred with numerous megastars including Rajnikanth, Kamal Hasaan, Nagarjuna, Chiranjeevi. She died in a plane crash in 17th April 2004 at the peak of her career.

Destiny Number

She is characterized by dominance and taking charge. Soundarya is destined to grab the position of leader. The secret to her success is to focus her life entirely on achieving career and goals. Her nag for managing and success makes her a popular choice. In short, she can be a successful entrepreneur, politician, or head an organization. She tends to become self-absorbed and self- centred. She excels in every activity since childhood and has a clear goal forward her. Soundarya must kick out her negative traits to get the desired achievement. Rewards are waiting for her with sheer balance and hard work.

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