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smita bansal Numerology

Born on: 21st February, 1978

Smita Bansal mostly known for television where her character from Balika Vadhu got the best actress for supporting role in 2008. She was born on 21 st Feb, 1978 in Jaipur to parents Sudhir and Shashi Bansal. She went to St. Francis Convent Inter College, UP. Her television debut was Itihaas in 1996. Her character Neha from Sanjivani had a deep impact on the mind of the audience. She also debuted in Malayalam movie called Daya in 1998 and made some brief appearances in Hindi movies. She is married to director Ankush Mohla and they have two daughters.

Talents/Strengths : Outgoing, joy of life, imaginative, enthusiastic

Areas of Concern : Fears routine. May lack self-discipline, accomplish little.

General Learning : Energy and ideas in action. Having a good time.

Practical Expression : Press secretary, party planner, small business promoter.

  • 1. She possess a magnetic personality. She makes sure her thoughts and voice are heard loud enough.
  • 2. Smita Bansal is attracted towards the field of philosophy, literature and performing arts. Even if she unable to make the profession, she never stop practicing them.
  • 3. She is never meek. She always love to express her views.
  • 4. Smita Bansal is filled with high idealism and are adaptable.
  • 5. She as leaders or managers is incredibly generous to her subordinates. She is open-minded and liberal.
  • 6. She is very cheerful. Smita Bansal ever hopeful and motivated in her life.
  • 7. She is talented and highly get appreciated in sports, film, acting, singing. She loves to watch her.
  • 8. She always thinks high about her. She can add sugary additives to her narratives!
  • 9. Smita Bansal is extremely talkative. This quality earns the distrust of others.
  • 10. She never concern about the future. She actively lives in the present.

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