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silk smitha Numerology

Born on: 2nd December, 1960

Silk Smitha (real name Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati) was born on 2 December 1960. She was a prominent actress in South Indian Film Industry. Known for her sensual and erotic appeal, she became extremely famous as sex symbol of 1980s She mainly worked in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi film industry. In her short career until her death, she appeared in more than 450 films. She got her first break in Tamil film Vandichakkaram. She went on to star in bold characters and also in non-sexual poignant characters like Moondru Mugam, Amaran, Alaigal Oivathillai, Rajaneegandhi, Layanam, Sadma, Rathilayam, Moondram Pirai, and many more. She died by committing suicide on 23 September 1996.

Talents/Strengths : Works hard, practical, gets things done.

Areas of Concern : Fears downsizing not having familiar routine. Rigid.

General Learning : Need for security. Develops order out of chaos.

Practical Expression : Administrator, team player, back office of small business.

  • 1. Silk Smitha is expert in winning everyones heart. This is her secret to a successful life.
  • 2. She is prodigies who tend to make an impact on humankind.
  • 3. She is blessed with strong willpower. Her strength is to run or become the leader of an organization or group.
  • 4. Silk Smitha is blessed with immense physical and mental strength.
  • 5. She is incredibly focused on her goals. Silk Smitha is very bold and can face any obstacles to get what she wants.
  • 6. However, she do not seem to pay heed in trivial matters. This is not recommended. To achieve something in life, she must always look into the detailed aspects.
  • 7. Silk Smitha is incredibly stubborn. Once she sets her heart onto something, there is no turning back.
  • 8. She must bring her focus and dream into reality. Her extreme hard work and presence of mind will bring her success . Not following her dream may make her inefficient.

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