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ritu shivpuri Numerology

Born on: 22nd January, 1975

Ritu Shivpuri the daughter of famous Om and Sudha Shivpuri, made her debut in the film Aankhen, 1993. Born on 22 nd Jan, 1975 and brought up in Mumbai who is lesser known as jewelry designer. She is married to Hari Venkat and is the mother of three children. While taking care of her family she once again came forward with a television seires called 24 in 2016. Her song from debut film O Lal Dupatte Wali, made all the old and youngsters dance with the tune.  In 2017 she was seen in the television series Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon as Indrani.

Talents/Strengths : Natural Leader, self-sufficient, ambitious

Areas of Concern : Avoid extremes if bossiness, shyness. Too impulsive.

General Learning : Standing out from the crowd. Trying new ideas

Practical Expression : Political leadership, celebrity, or small

  • 1. She is a person with a mixture of opposites. Nonetheless, she is the ones who emerge as the final visitor in life-race!
  • 2. Ritu Shivpuri sadly face many obstacles and pitfalls in her life. And these setbacks make her a stronger and ultimate winner.
  • 3. Often accidents and misfortunes follow her. Taking responsibilities may make Ritu Shivpuri susceptible to troubles. Owing to her focus and strong ethos, she dodge them easily.
  • 4. Ritu Shivpuri starts earning profit with limited resources and whatever asset she has managed to amass.
  • 5. She is hard workers and enthusiastic. She never gives up. Ritu Shivpuri never lose hope in spite of unsuccessful attempts.
  • 6. She is intelligent, practical, and street-smart. her high dreams make her aim for more.
  • 7. She is tactful. She know how to behave per the situations. Ritu Shivpuri can both give and take orders.
  • 8. She should always indulge her in philanthropic activities. If she is raised negatively, that tends to follow the path of cruelty and ruthlessness.
  • 9. She makes a significant impact on her high morale, ambitions, and achievements.

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