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rannvijay singh Numerology

Born on: 16th March, 1983

Rannvijay Singh Singha was born on 16 th March, 1983 in Punjab is known as the MTV VJ and host of Roadies. His parents are Iqbal Singh Singha and Baljeet Singh Kaur. He married Priyanka Vohra and has a child. He made his Bollywood debut with the film Toss and made a debut in Punjabi film Dharti in 2011. He graduated from Army Public School and Hansraj College. He acted in web series like Squadran, Hitched etc. and appeared in some commercials like Ponds, reliance etc. Some of his hobbies are collecting Wolverine merchandise, playing basket ball and reading.

Talents/Strengths : Inspired, intuitive, creative. Seeks to mprove the world.

Areas of Concern : Needs to avoid bad habits, and attend to life's details.

General Learning : To see the "big picture". To dream the dream.

Practical Expression : Community leader, organize small business owners.

  • 1. He is a person with sacrifice, meditation, and spirituality. He is attracted to occult science.
  • 2. Nothing can make Rannvijay Singh happier than to help others. He can even mess with his own lives in pursuit of helping others.
  • 3. Rannvijay Singh is a person who is full of emotions.
  • 4. Inwardly they crave for authority and freedom. However, he is destined to go for jobs and professions where he need to work under authorities instead.
  • 5. Clerical and menial jobs suit his.
  • 6. He must remember to work hard and keep his focus to gain accolades. Failing to do so may take Rannvijay Singh to the path of deterioration.
  • 7. He has strong work ethics and have a clear desire to follow the routine. However, he fail to implant discipline in his plan.
  • 8. Rannvijay Singh is very cautious. Before taking any steps, he think several times.
  • 9. He is not impulsive. He love to win the race slowly and steadily.
  • 10. He is having scarcity in the department of luck. Only hard work and strategy can make him successful.
  • 11. Humanity and servitude are his greatest virtue.
  • 12. Though he follows the traditional path, he is accommodating to new and revolutionary ideas.

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