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purva bedi Numerology

Born on: 12th March, 1974

Purva Bedi was born on 12 th March, 1974 in Punjab to parents Rahul and Susham Bedi but moved to Belgium in her childhood and is a well known face of Television and Hollywood wheresome of her appearances are Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, etc and films like The Namesake, Monsoon Wedding etc. She had a double degree from Williams College, Massachusetts. She is married to Andrew Stoler and has a daughter. She produced a short film called Daadi and Broken. She is the writer of One Amazing Thing which is based on Scuba diving. She is the founder of Disha a theatre company.

Talents/Strengths : Decisive, forceful, good with money. Accomplished.

Areas of Concern : Often lacks feeling for those who stands in the way of goals.

General Learning : To take control, seek power, status.

Practical Expression : Professional field or operator of small business franchises.

  • 1. She is a person with a mixture of opposites. Nonetheless, she is the ones who emerge as the final visitor in life-race!
  • 2. Purva Bedi sadly face many obstacles and pitfalls in her life. And these setbacks make her a stronger and ultimate winner.
  • 3. Often accidents and misfortunes follow her. Taking responsibilities may make Purva Bedi susceptible to troubles. Owing to her focus and strong ethos, she dodge them easily.
  • 4. Purva Bedi starts earning profit with limited resources and whatever asset she has managed to amass.
  • 5. She is hard workers and enthusiastic. She never gives up. Purva Bedi never lose hope in spite of unsuccessful attempts.
  • 6. She is intelligent, practical, and street-smart. her high dreams make her aim for more.
  • 7. She is tactful. She know how to behave per the situations. Purva Bedi can both give and take orders.
  • 8. She should always indulge her in philanthropic activities. If she is raised negatively, that tends to follow the path of cruelty and ruthlessness.
  • 9. She makes a significant impact on her high morale, ambitions, and achievements.

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