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Born on: 18th October, 1940

Paran Banerjee was born on 18 October 1940. He is a notable theatre, film and treasuries actor. He debuted in Sandip Rays television venture Satyajiter Gappoin 1998. He began his acting career at the age of 60 after he took retirement from Government job at 2000! He went on to act in more than 45 films namely Bombaiyer Bombete(2003), Tintorettor Jishu(2008),Gosainbaganer Bhoot(2011), Cinemawala(2016),Double Feluda(2016), Royal Bengal Rahashya(2011),Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy(2012), Badshahi Angti(2014),Cinemawala(2016), Bhobishyoter Bhoot (2019), Posto(2017) etc. His television venture includes Boyei Gelo(2013–14), Proloy Asche(2011), etc.

Personal Year

He is showered with abundant creative aura and enigma in his life. He is really an excellent opportunity in career, romance, and money. He can make connections that will be immensely beneficial for his finance and image. He is filled with jolliness and creativity. He needs to rely on his intelligence and creativity to solve the biggest of all problems. He is the person with relaxation and fun. Paran Banerjee will be filled with ideas and dreams that can be a significant turning point. A piece of advice would be to write down all the senses. This may come handy during its implementation by the course of his life.

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