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kunal kapoor Numerology

Born on: 18th October, 1975

Kunal Kapoor is an Indian actor. He was born on 26th June 1959. He is the eldest son of Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendall.  He is the founder of Ad film Valas, an ad company producing and directing television commercials. He began his career as an actor with Siddhartha (1972). Later, he went on to star in Shyam Benegals Junoon. His other well-known films include Ahista, Utsav(1984) and Trikal(1985). His international film production portfolio includes many ad films and documentary films that were shot in India. He made his comeback in Bollywood film with Sigh is Bling(2015) playing the role of Amy Jacksons father.

Hidden Passion

He is entirely driven philanthropically. Kunal Kapoor is very dreamy without any full proof plan of turning him real. He is governed by emotion. Kunal Kapoor is multi-talented. He is a smooth talker.

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