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kiran kumar Numerology

Born on: 20th October, 1953

Kiran Kumar was born on 20 October 1953. He appeared in notable films and television in Hindi. Apart from that he also acted in Rajasthani and Gujarati films and television. He made his first appearance with Do BoondPaani(1971). He quickly became a cult figure in Gujrati film industry by playing several leads and came to known as The Bachhan of Gujarati Cinema. He came back to Hindi with Khudgarz, Tezaab, Khuda Gawahetc. He became a known face in television with series Zindagi,Ghutan, Grihasti,Katha Sagar, Chhajje Chajje Ka Pyar, Miilee, etc. he is currently one of the highest-paid actors in television with 630 movies, 6800 episodes on TV.

Inner Dream

He is with a strong sense of practicality, hard-working, perfectionism, and discipline. Kiran Kumar is with earthy in his disposition. He is ultra- professional and driven by his achievements. He loves to keep a stern and discipline in place that he is residing or working. He can make a substantial impact on his peers and strangers alike. His ethics and honesty are a fable one. He loves to create an order and foundation that makes him formidable. He is all for security. He does not seek any frivolousness. Loyal soul Kiran Kumar is, he loves being in the corporate environment.

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