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falaq naaz Numerology

Born on: 26th January, 1993

Falaq Naaz the actor from Uttar Pradesh was born on 26 th Jan, 1993 and was taken care of her mother and her younger sister. Falaq is more popular with the character Jhanvi Malhotra. She completed her studies from CCS University, Meerut. Her debut series was Devon Ka Dev Mahadev in 2011 as Goddess Laxmi but her work in Mahakali has the highest TRP s.  Falaq is the graduate from IFTI and trained under Saroj Khan. Some of her works that are appreciated are RadhaKrishan, Laal Ishq, Maharana Pratap etc.

Talents/Strengths : A deep thinker, spiritually inclined. Unique, eccentric.

Areas of Concern : Too aloof and fears not living up to high standards. A loner.

General Learning : To seek answers to life's questions. Observe. Discover.

Practical Expression : Analytical field. Or self-employment in small business.

  • 1. She is a person with sacrifice, meditation, and spirituality. She is attracted to occult science.
  • 2. Nothing can make Falaq Naaz happier than to help others. She can even mess with her own lives in pursuit of helping others.
  • 3. Falaq Naaz is a person who is full of emotions.
  • 4. Inwardly they crave for authority and freedom. However, she is destined to go for jobs and professions where she need to work under authorities instead.
  • 5. Clerical and menial jobs suit her.
  • 6. She must remember to work hard and keep her focus to gain accolades. Failing to do so may take Falaq Naaz to the path of deterioration.
  • 7. She has strong work ethics and have a clear desire to follow the routine. However, she fail to implant discipline in her plan.
  • 8. Falaq Naaz is very cautious. Before taking any steps, she think several times.
  • 9. She is not impulsive. She love to win the race slowly and steadily.
  • 10. She is having scarcity in the department of luck. Only hard work and strategy can make her successful.
  • 11. Humanity and servitude are her greatest virtue.
  • 12. Though she follows the traditional path, she is accommodating to new and revolutionary ideas.

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