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Born on: 14th March, 1992

Ena Jennifer Saha was born on 28 th May, 1991 in Kolkata is a Bengali television, Malayalam and Hindi film actress whose debut was Ami Aadu in 2011 and debut movie was Bojhena Se Bojhena in 2012. Her mother is Banani Saha and Ena is studuing at her college. She did Malayalam (You too Brutus in 2015 and Neelakasham pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi in 2013 and later Amar Akbar Anthony in 2015), Hindi (Chauranga in 2016) and Telugu (Lanka in 2017) films.  She is very religious. Her latest releases are Boxer and Hacker.

Talents/Strengths : Goal-oriented and practical but on a global scale.

Areas of Concern : May feel born a century "too early". Too overextended.

General Learning : To have a mission and see it carried out globally.

Practical Expression : Provide web sites to small businesses for total global change.

  • 1. Ena Saha is expert in winning everyones heart. This is her secret to a successful life.
  • 2. She is prodigies who tend to make an impact on humankind.
  • 3. She is blessed with strong willpower. Her strength is to run or become the leader of an organization or group.
  • 4. Ena Saha is blessed with immense physical and mental strength.
  • 5. She is incredibly focused on her goals. Ena Saha is very bold and can face any obstacles to get what she wants.
  • 6. However, she do not seem to pay heed in trivial matters. This is not recommended. To achieve something in life, she must always look into the detailed aspects.
  • 7. Ena Saha is incredibly stubborn. Once she sets her heart onto something, there is no turning back.
  • 8. She must bring her focus and dream into reality. Her extreme hard work and presence of mind will bring her success . Not following her dream may make her inefficient.

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