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daily horoscope leo Simha Rashi today
Leo Moon Sign Or Simha Rashi Today : Your Moon Sign is Leo or Rashi is Simha. Which means in your birth chart moon is positioned in Zodiac sign Leo or Simha. If you do not know your moon sign then please click here to Know your Moon Sign (Rashi) ..

Currently (Today 7th, December, 2022) Moon is transitioning through Taurus Moon Sign or Vrish Rashi owned by planet Venus and Krittika Nakshatra 2nd, 3rd, and 4th padas, Rohini Nakshatra, Mrigasira Nakshatra 1st, 2nd padas. Nakshatra owners are Sun, Moon and Mars. Daily Horoscope Today Prediction of Leo Moon Sign Or Simha Rashi.

You may be tormented by your kin. This may leave an impact on your mothers health as she may get collapsed. You need to revive from this damage.

Do not get involved in any disputes today. Circumstances may create a situation which will bother and worry you. Avoid driving vehicles and even if you drive, drive carefully. People today will judge you on your negative sides and not the positives. Public opinion may be against you. In case of contesting elections, you can win only if you are extremely fortunate. As today is not so lucky, try to keep low and avoid risks. If you are not careful, you may suffer a financial loss. There is a possibility of heart pain. Avoid alcoholic drinks and relax your body and mind. Try to keep yourself away from smoke and smoky objects today. You may be victimized by suspicions and doubts.

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