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Characteristics of Person born on february 20th :

You are a person of born romanticism. You will have many love affair of a more or less unusual kind. You are an idealistic person. You are also a person of great and considerable ambitions. You have a great determination of bettering of your position and you may able to achieve the chances. You may able to carry out your all plans and ambitions and will get the influences from your favourable person. This kind of activities will make you more prosperous. There is a possibility that you may go through a fatalistic condition in the middle part of your life.

You are basically a home seek person. And it will be sustained until the middle part of your life. Your surroundings are not very congenial and the likelihood is you may go out in the world on your own. You may able to conquer your over sensitiveness and also able to develop your self confidence at a large scale. You may have many changes in your life and career, and you also possess a great desire to travel and see other countries. Which are far from your land of birth.

You are a person of versatile genius and talent. So you can able to develop the gifts and stuffs of the imaginative faculties. You would do well in the work of new invention, especially of those of service to humanity at large. You are a person of great literary sense and taste. You will have a keen desire to express yourself in art, literature, music or even the drama and you may succeed in all the things. If you are born with money, the people rarely show what is in you.

You will incline in ordinary condition to let their opportunity slip or realise them only when it is too late. If, however you are born in this period, you belong to the lower order of humanity. You may lose all sense of honour and principle. You are a person of extreme unreliable. You are also an unscrupulous and dishonest in gaining of your desired things.

Friends of Person born on february 20th :

The persons, who are born on the months of November, may be the bosom friend of you. So be selective regarding this matter. The office mates may not be supportive towards you. But your boss may be good to you. So dont need to be worried at all. There is a possibility that you may able to take the extra care from some of your friends of your school life. So be with them and try to help them at your ease. The persons, who are born on the months of December and the first part of January, may not be good for you. So stay away from those persons.

Health of Person born on february 20th :

You are a person with a lot of extra vitality. Although you are a person of splendid constitution, you may suffer from cardiac problems. So you are advice to take care of yourself. You may be liable to some form of paralysis and heart failure, but it may be largely your own fault if you do not which the average span of life. You are also advice to take your food in time because this process may help you to save from high-per acidity. You are also advised not to take extra work pressure because it will harm even breakdown your nervous system. So be careful regarding your health.

Colour: for Person born on february 20th :

If you want to make yourself more fortunate, you are advised to wear the dresses with the colour of white or lemon white. If you have any important meeting or interview, you may wear the dresses with the colour of golden brown. The students are advised to wear the dresses of light colours. It may bring you the most favourable luck. The person who wants to flourish their business to a large scale, you may use the dresses of grey colour or all the shades of green. This colour may make your financial condition more vibrant

Finance of Person born on february 20th :

For you, financial condition may be more or less favourable. Your ambition is to be rich and you may able to make yourself more or less rich. You may able to gain the property from your parents but you are advised to be alert because some of your relatives will try to make you harm. But dont need to be worried because your father will be with you. You may likely to have many important gifts and honour bestowed on you. You may face some difficulties during the latter part of your life. It would be related to your finance. There may be some restrictions too. You may able to get into something very promising in some investments under your own control, all may be well. But the danger may be if you are in some professions, money may not stick in your hands and that you may make any provision for your advanced years.

Career of Person born on february 20th :

As you are a person of with due literary sense, you may start your career with the field of literature. It may be the any kinds of writer, or literary personnel. It may able to make your career more flourishing and prominent. The students may able to reach their goals. But they have to be very careful at their studies, especially for those who are at the higher studies. The persons who are related to the business, they may able to flourish their business field with the help of a great person. So be thankful to the person. You may also start your career with any private sectors because this opportunity may help you to increase your career to a large scale.

Famous Persons born on february 20th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Ansel Adams 20/02/1902
Luella Adams 20/02/1905
Vincent Aderente 20/02/1880
Edward Albert 20/02/1951
Robert Altman 20/02/1925
Scott Bailey 20/02/1964
Charles de Beriot 20/02/1802
Georges Bernanos 20/02/1888
Pierre Boulle 20/02/1912
Kurt Cobain 20/02/1967
Rosanna Della Corte 20/02/1932
Rene Jules Dubos 20/02/1901
Sandy Duncan 20/02/1946
Elspass Son 20/02/1950
Pierre Antoine Favre 20/02/1813
Mary Garden 20/02/1874
Hubert de Givenchy 20/02/1927
Lee Hart 20/02/1936
Irwin Hartford 20/02/1964
Patty Hearst 20/02/1954
Victoria Kennedy 20/02/1957
Evelyn Keys 20/02/1988
Eleuthere Mascart 20/02/1837
Richard B Matheson 20/02/1926
Federica Moro 20/02/1965
Gustave Charlesn Nadaud 20/02/1820
Susanne Nevrin 20/02/1959
Jennifer O'Neill 20/02/1948
Sidney Poitier 20/02/1927
Franz Rademacher 20/02/1906
Josephine Stevens 20/02/1909
Ivana Trump 20/02/1949
Bobby Unser 20/02/1934
Gloria Vanderbilt 20/02/1924
William Connoll Walker 20/02/1929
Nancy Wilson 20/02/1937
Bramwell Fletcher 20/02/1904
Gale Gordon 20/02/1906
Leon Lontoc 20/02/1908
Paul Tripp 20/02/1911
Margot Grahame 20/02/1911
Gerald Cross 20/02/1912
John Daly 20/02/1914
Peter Rogers 20/02/1914
Hans Christian Blech 20/02/1915
Roland West 20/02/1915
Philip Friend 20/02/1915
Mary Grant 20/02/1917
Dick Wesson 20/02/1919
Conrado San Martín 20/02/1921
Jimmy Butler 20/02/1921
Gianfranco Parolini 20/02/1925
Robert Altman 20/02/1925
Michael Kirby 20/02/1925
Whitney Blake 20/02/1926
Roy M. Cohn 20/02/1927
Dodie Drake 20/02/1927
Lou Walker 20/02/1928
Roberto Cobo 20/02/1930
Rudolf Sieber 20/02/1930
Patricia Smith 20/02/1930
Ken Jones 20/02/1930
Andy Sidaris 20/02/1931
Roland Hedlund 20/02/1933
Danny Mummert 20/02/1934
Jordan Cronenweth 20/02/1935
Marj Dusay 20/02/1936
Larry Hovis 20/02/1936
Nancy Wilson 20/02/1937
Nancy Bertinelli 20/02/1937
Carolyn Minnott 20/02/1938
Richard Beymer 20/02/1940
Buffy Sainte-Marie 20/02/1941
Phil Esposito 20/02/1942
Claude Miller 20/02/1942
Mike Leigh 20/02/1943
Vijaya Nirmala 20/02/1944
Randa Haines 20/02/1945
Brion James 20/02/1945
Andrew Bergman 20/02/1945
Buzz Belmondo 20/02/1947
André van Duin 20/02/1947
Henry Hübchen 20/02/1947
Larry Rapp 20/02/1948
Paul Engle 20/02/1948
Jennifer O'Neill 20/02/1948
Ivana Trump 20/02/1949
Alberto Barbera 20/02/1950
John Vine 20/02/1951
Peter Wallach 20/02/1951
Pierre Boulle 20/02/1952
Tracy Brooks Swope 20/02/1953
Fred Applegate 20/02/1953
Anthony Head 20/02/1954
Claudette Wells 20/02/1954
Patricia Hearst 20/02/1954
James Gaylyn 20/02/1954
Michael Maguire 20/02/1955
Vicky Gifford Kennedy 20/02/1957
Lia Sargent 20/02/1957
James Wilby 20/02/1958
Marin Kanter 20/02/1960
Roland Carey 20/02/1960
Wendee Lee 20/02/1960
Hatice Aslan 20/02/1962
Charles Barkley 20/02/1963
David Beach 20/02/1964
Anna Stieblich 20/02/1965
Edward Albert 20/02/1965
Tim Wilde 20/02/1966
Cindy Crawford 20/02/1966
Louis Ferreira 20/02/1966
Kimiko Gelman 20/02/1966
Rebekka Armstrong 20/02/1967
Andrew Shue 20/02/1967
Kurt Cobain 20/02/1967
David Herman 20/02/1967
Ric Roman Waugh 20/02/1968
Sylvain Bellemare 20/02/1968
Robin Ince 20/02/1969
Danis Tanovic 20/02/1969
Natacha Lindinger 20/02/1970
Shawn Woods 20/02/1970
Calpernia Addams 20/02/1971
Seong-hun Kim 20/02/1971
Peter James Smith 20/02/1971
Camilla Bendix 20/02/1971
Sarah Hadland 20/02/1971
Magdalena Cielecka 20/02/1972
Tjitske Reidinga 20/02/1972
Corinna Harney 20/02/1972
Kimberley Davies 20/02/1973
Andrea Savage 20/02/1973
Priyanshu Chatterjee 20/02/1973
Geoff Gustafson 20/02/1974
Ophélie Winter 20/02/1974
Brian Littrell 20/02/1975
Fred Testot 20/02/1978
James Embree 20/02/1978
Julia Jentsch 20/02/1978
Lauren Ambrose 20/02/1978
Jim Field Smith 20/02/1979
Taylor Gerard Hart 20/02/1980
Evan Hart 20/02/1980
Yûichi Nakamura 20/02/1980
Kris Williams 20/02/1981
Bronson Webb 20/02/1983
Jeremy Foley 20/02/1983
Justin Verlander 20/02/1983
Annu Kapoor 20/02/1983
Trevor Noah 20/02/1984
Justin Grant Wade 20/02/1984
Keisuke Koide 20/02/1984
Lauren Crawford 20/02/1985
Mosley Agin 20/02/1985
Yuliya Volkova 20/02/1985
Jake Richardson 20/02/1985
Craig Haas 20/02/1985
Daniella Pineda 20/02/1987
Idir Chender 20/02/1987
Meytal Gal 20/02/1987
Jiah Khan 20/02/1988
Melanie Leishman 20/02/1989
Eva Wyrwal 20/02/1989
Jasna Fritzi Bauer 20/02/1989
Abhi Sinha 20/02/1990
Alexandra Horváth 20/02/1990
Ting-hu Zhang 20/02/1991
Ray Nicholson 20/02/1992
Ron Eldard 20/02/1994
Lea van Acken 20/02/1999
Olivia Rodrigo 20/02/2003

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