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Characteristics of Person born on december 22nd :

You have a great dislike of being delicate and dictated to, but you are most devoted and faithful when treated within confident. You have, however, most sensitive nature. You perhaps like a proper class of people. You dont like to understand the people quickly. Due to your mental anxiety and agony, you sometimes feel depressed and melancholy. You are impatient by nature to some extent and for this reason you are a person, who likes to give up a thing very quickly.

In every time you may be aggressive in your manner and with the help of this quality you may make an enormous number of enemies by your side. You like the rivers, lakes, oceans, especially the water bodies and you love to spend quality times with your partners at these particular places and you also love to stay over there also. You possess a versatile genius because you are really fond of reading. You have a great power of imagination and with the help of the special quality you may able to make yourself as a successful writer. You are really fond of curious, antique, word pieces of furniture and you may like to accumulate these things at your house as much as possible.

You also have a great fascination for literature music, theatre, poetry. You possess a great ability to write something with your deep emotion and feeling. With the help of this you may able to write poetry and other kinds of literary pieces. You may dislike any form of monotonous existence. You love to travel and especially you have the fascination to voyage in the sea. You also travel in the country path. From these you will able to gather a various kinds of experiences over the world, Seas and countries. And it is the matter of happiness that you may be successful in all these things.

You like to read stories and through this you will able to give shine to the power of your imagination. There is a possibility that you may move towards the foreign countries due to the purpose of your higher studies or even to your job and it may make you apart from your family members. You may carve out some distinct path of your own and you will be likely to reach some position of prominent in the career you chose. You always like to do everything whatever needed to make your career flourishing, prosperous, smooth and even prominent forever.

Above everything else, you require a proper encouragement and appreciation to cheer you up to your particular course of action. You are advised to marry early because it may be a very difficult to maintain a happy conjugal life with your partner. And it may be possible that you need a separation from your partner too. You like to create dramatic situation in which you love to play the leading role because you want to catch the lime light at the every phase of your life. You are very romantic by birth. You are also very sentimental. For this reason you are easily hurt by others words and actions. You are really fond of art and all fields of artistic purpose.

Friends of Person born on december 22nd :

You may able to make a huge number of friends through your life. But most of them may be with you up to the end of your life. Most of them may try to fall you into difficulties. So be careful before choosing your friends. It is true that you love to believe the others easily and it may be the greatest draw backs of you. Your parents may also not able to make you understand because you possess an unconventional thought regarding your life and career. Some of your office mates may be supportive to you and they also try to help at your every difficult situation. It is applicable for those who are working at the private sectors.

Health of Person born on december 22nd :

The chief ailments that you may have at times undermine by expending too much energy in carrying out your plans and not taking enough rest and sleep. You may be neglected colds. This may be a reason for your disaster for your lungs and chest. You need to take fresh air and sun-birth everyday to keep yourself protected from these kinds of problems. This is also needed that you must get the pleasure of morning work which will provide you a considerable amount of fresh air. This may also give you a great vitality and energy. Dont need to take extra work and mental pressure because this would be a cause of your nervous breakdown or even it may seize the process of your brains.

Colour: for Person born on december 22nd :

Mauve is the lucky colour for those who are working at the government sectors. The people, who are related to the fields of literature, may wear the dresses related to the colour of all shades of pink. Those, who are working at the administrative sectors, may use the dresses of brown. The white colour is lucky for the doctors. Those who are working for the people and common masses, they may use the dresses coloured by purple. All shades of golden colours are favourable for the students. If you have any serious interview related to any new job, you must the dresses with the colour of white because it may produce a magnetic vibration in your personality. If you want prosper you financial condition, you must wear the dresses coloured by all shades of green.

Finance of Person born on december 22nd :

You may able to make money from teaching profession also. But you need to focus and be honest at your respective fields of action. Many opportunities may come on the way of your life. But the main thing is that you have to avail the right one on the right time. So be thoughtful and serious before taking any decisions. But on a whole, you are more or less lucky in money matters. You also try to save some for your future. If you had to go into business, you would make a success of enterprises connected with the luxurious side of life more than any other, such things as the decoration of home, dress and follower shops, the food centre, restaurants, and even hotel business. With the help of these fields you may able to flourish your finance at a large and considerable scale. You may also able to make your financial condition flourishing, you may involve with the fields of artistic professions.

Career of Person born on december 22nd :

The career of the students may be more or less flourishing. But you are advised to keep yourself apart from the persons of your opposite gender because they may not give you the proper scope to concentrate on your suggestive studies. The career of the persons, who are related to art and architecture, may be smooth and promising. You possess a strong sense of imagination and with the help of this quality you may start your career in the fields of literature as writer or as a critic. You also be a philosopher because you have the capability to point out the views on the running society. You also able to read out the minds of others very easily and with this quality you may be a good psychologist.

Famous Persons born on december 22nd

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
George H Bailey 22/12/1896
Lorraine Baldwin 22/12/1924
Lindsay Marie Bay 22/12/1985
Lauralee Kristen Bell 22/12/1968
Max Bill 22/12/1908
Pierre Ossian Bonnet 22/12/1819
Pierre Brasseur 22/12/1905
Pierre Chassaignac 22/12/1804
Pamela Susan Courson 22/12/1946
Maurice Gibb 22/12/1949
Robin Gibb 22/12/1949
Lady Bird Johnson 22/12/1912
Juanita Katt 22/12/1953
Howard Edward Lang 22/12/1934
Antoine Mariotte 22/12/1875
Bernard Michel 22/12/1929
Diana Petrungaro 22/12/1987
Giacomo Puccini 22/12/1858
Srinivasa Ramanujan 22/12/1887
Sarada Ma 22/12/1853
Ad Strack Van Schijndel 22/12/1922
Karen K Spahn 22/12/1941
Edgar Varese 22/12/1883
Hyacinthe Jean Vincent 22/12/1862
Patricia White 22/12/1938
Jarren Winner 22/12/1987
Marc Allégret 22/12/1900
Noel Howlett 22/12/1902
Pierre Brasseur 22/12/1905
Fred M. Wilcox 22/12/1906
Alan Carney 22/12/1909
Patricia Hayes 22/12/1909
Fred Kennedy 22/12/1909
Mahmoud Al Meleji 22/12/1910
Richard Ainley 22/12/1910
Danny O'Dea 22/12/1911
Charles Dugan 22/12/1912
José Antonio Nieves Conde 22/12/1915
Buddy Lewis 22/12/1916
Helen Burns 22/12/1916
Gene Rayburn 22/12/1917
Paul Larson 22/12/1920
Károly Makk 22/12/1925
Penelope Bartley 22/12/1925
Hajrudin Krvavac 22/12/1926
Marylou Connors 22/12/1926
Ronnie Cosby 22/12/1927
Douglas Robinson 22/12/1928
Barbara Billingsley 22/12/1930
Frances Bennett 22/12/1930
MacIntyre Dixon 22/12/1931
Cece Whitney 22/12/1933
Elizabeth Hubbard 22/12/1933
Dodie Marshall 22/12/1934
Paulo Rocha 22/12/1935
Emil Sitka 22/12/1936
James Burke 22/12/1936
Bill Saito 22/12/1936
Manoj Mitra 22/12/1938
Marian Collins 22/12/1938
Tony Scotti 22/12/1939
Al Ferrara 22/12/1939
Sudhir Pandey 22/12/1940
Lanna Saunders 22/12/1941
Peter Helm 22/12/1941
Bert Michaels 22/12/1943
Roger Walker 22/12/1944
Elizabeth James 22/12/1944
Diane Sawyer 22/12/1945
Craig Denault 22/12/1946
Pam Courson 22/12/1946
Karin Dicker 22/12/1947
Peter Whitman 22/12/1947
Lynne Thigpen 22/12/1948
Rick Nielsen 22/12/1948
Flip Mark 22/12/1948
Lynette Fromme 22/12/1949
Graham Beckel 22/12/1949
Doval'e Glickman 22/12/1949
Maurice Gibb 22/12/1949
Robin Gibb 22/12/1949
Roy Underhill 22/12/1950
Franc Luz 22/12/1950
María Antonieta de las Nieves 22/12/1950
Dan Martin 22/12/1951
Marcy Hanson 22/12/1952
Dan Stanton 22/12/1952
Don Stanton 22/12/1952
Ray Underwood 22/12/1953
Jay Brazeau 22/12/1953
Anna Galiena 22/12/1954
Hugh Quarshie 22/12/1954
Ron Greschner 22/12/1954
Peggy Ashcroft 22/12/1956
Ray Lui 22/12/1956
Marie Rivière 22/12/1956
Simon Westaway 22/12/1958
David Heavener 22/12/1958
Tracy-Louise Ward 22/12/1958
Marijam Agischewa 22/12/1958
Vincent Lascoumes 22/12/1959
Wolf Larson 22/12/1959
Kunto Ojansivu 22/12/1959
Jean Michel Basquiat 22/12/1960
Luther Campbell 22/12/1960
Sabrina Plisco 22/12/1961
Eric Kelso 22/12/1962
Ralph Fiennes 22/12/1962
Shayne Anderson 22/12/1964
Victoria Alonso 22/12/1965
David S. Goyer 22/12/1965
María Pujalte 22/12/1966
Shan Jiang 22/12/1967
Valeriu Andriuta 22/12/1967
Juan Manuel Bernal 22/12/1967
Ted Cruz 22/12/1970
Sean Bell 22/12/1970
Mathias Sercu 22/12/1970
Deborah Twiss 22/12/1971
Pat Mastroianni 22/12/1971
Kathy Wittes 22/12/1971
Xawery Zulawski 22/12/1971
Asuka Kurosawa 22/12/1971
Vanessa Paradis 22/12/1972
Matthew Robert Kelly 22/12/1972
Iván Kamarás 22/12/1972
Thunderbird Dinwiddie 22/12/1973
Abdolreza Kahani 22/12/1973
Laura Drasbæk 22/12/1974
Heather Donahue 22/12/1974
BernNadette Stanis 22/12/1974
Phoebe McEnery 22/12/1974
Scott Thomas 22/12/1975
Elle Travis 22/12/1975
Manu Payet 22/12/1975
Remo Vinzens 22/12/1975
Rafael Pettersson 22/12/1976
Maria Erwolter 22/12/1976
Max Wiedemann 22/12/1977
John-Paul Nickel 22/12/1978
Stewart Hendler 22/12/1978
Nick Moorcroft 22/12/1978
Amanda Baker 22/12/1979
Gregor Fisher 22/12/1979
Darri Ingolfsson 22/12/1979
Chris Carmack 22/12/1980
Karin Hanczewski 22/12/1981
Anna Antonowicz 22/12/1981
Nicolas Vaporidis 22/12/1981
Brandi Cunningham 22/12/1981
Brooke Nevin 22/12/1982
Loretta Yu 22/12/1982
Tatiana Sokolova 22/12/1982
Andrew Hankinson 22/12/1983
Jennifer Hawkins 22/12/1983
Joe Dinicol 22/12/1983
Mark Bogatyryov 22/12/1984
Greg Finley 22/12/1984
Paul Jake Castillo 22/12/1984
Tijana Pecencic 22/12/1986
Kaila Amariah 22/12/1986
Dayton Sinkia 22/12/1986
Danny Verduzco 22/12/1986
Natalie Nourigat 22/12/1987
Logan Huffman 22/12/1989
Jordin Sparks Thomas 22/12/1989
Gianna Simone 22/12/1989
Jaime Olías 22/12/1989
Jean-Baptiste Maunier 22/12/1990
Sylwia Gola 22/12/1990
Samantha Burton 22/12/1991
Ashton Moio 22/12/1991
Dong Jin 22/12/1993
Meghan Trainor 22/12/1993
Aliana Lohan 22/12/1993
Nick Galarza 22/12/1993
Ilayda Çevik 22/12/1994
Jeff Wood 22/12/1994
Omar J. Dorsey 22/12/1994
Naman Mishra 22/12/1996
Dina Meyer 22/12/2002
Alinne Moraes 22/12/2002
Neel Sethi 22/12/2003

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