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Characteristics of Person born on august 9th :

You may have a distinct bent towards investigation of the mysterious in nature and you may be likely to have vivid dreams and unusual inspirations in whatever your work may be. You nature will be one full of contradiction. You may be both strong and weak at the same moment. Other persons could easily lead you if they can touch your idealism, but you cannot be driven, for on such occasion you would show the most obstinate determination even against your own interests. You may be philanthropic or a charitable because you feel a strong desire to help the distressed people. You are extremely independent in your character.

You have a keen sense of justice, law and order. So as a general rule you may be a successful person in this sector. You must expect to meet many ups and downs, whatever your career may be. You are likely at times to fill high positions and in other periods complete cessation of efforts where you may apparently not fit in with the trend of events. You possess the great capability with which you able to cope up with many unusual situation, danger to your life from violence. There is a possibility that you may be in danger due to fire, explosions and fire arms. So try to be apart from these elements.

There is also a possibility that you may meet few accidents causing injury to the head and lower parts of your body. There is also a possibility that one of your accidents may lead you the end of your life. So be careful while you are in road. You also died due to the failure of heart by over work. You may find your best sphere of usefulness in taking over positions or responsibilities in business. You also be a part of municipal affair, public offices, military matters or even a government body. You are a person of out spoken quality and due tom this reason you may able to make a number friends and enemies too.

You have a great fascination related to the all kinds of sports and adventure. You are somewhat fearless and you love to take risk. You should also have much ability in handling machines and dealing with them and in inventions connected within such things. You love to see yourself in a high position and want to be a superior one. You greatest troubles may come from your inferiors and servants. You may be likely to have may word love affairs. But most of the cases you will chose the wrong people to love and it may be the element of danger for you. So you are advised to be conscious regarding this matter.

Friends of Person born on august 9th :

You may make a number of friends through- out your whole life. But you are advise not to make many friends because there is a possibility that some of your friends may make you harm. The persons, who are born on the months of November and the letter part of January, may be your good friends. But the persons, who are born on the months of February and April, may not be your friends. So you are advised to be selective while you will choose your friends. You may able to get some good office mates at your working place. Your boss may not be supportive to you. Some of your school friends may remain with you.

Health of Person born on august 9th :

The people who are born during these days, they will have the severe tendency of acidity, indigestion, pain in feet. Instead of that you may have a great vitality. You have a tendency to get cold very early and you may suffer a lot for this. This also leads you a severe breathing problem. Before taking any kind of medicine, you must get a wide regarding that medicine because there have a chance that you may suffer due to unnecessary and wrong intake of medicine. If you want to avoid these kinds of problems, you may stay in such places with dry climate.

Colour: for Person born on august 9th :

All shades of violet are lucky colour for those who are related to the fields of administration. Those, who are suffering from the cardiac problems, may use the dress with colour of white. All shades of blue from the lightest to darkest are the lucky colour for the persons who are engaged in the private sector. Red colour is favourable for the students. Those, who are related to the business and any organisation, must wear the dress with the colour of rose at their important dated. All shades of crimson are lucky colour for those who are related to the sector of literature and science.


Finance of Person born on august 9th :

The person who are born in the above mentioned days, are advised to stay apart from the gambles and speculations when other peoples interest are concerned. Some professions like doctors, lawyers, artists and actors are not favourable for the persons of these particular days because you can-not be able to save your earnings though it is a huge one. It would be better that you start your career with the help of any kind of business. It may flourish your financial condition. Be careful and try to be a bit miser because there is a possibility that your money may be drained like water from your hand.

Career of Person born on august 9th :

The persons who are born on the above mentioned days of this month may start their career from a private field. This specified field may bring luck for you and it may spark your fortune. The student life will more or less favourable but need a special attention towards your lesson. Those who are the competitors of competitive examinations, they must take the utmost care of their studies. The persons who are joined with the government venture may able to achieve their perspective goal related to their service field.

Famous Persons born on august 9th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Lina Accurso 09/08/1952
Kenny Anderson 09/08/1957
Jonelle Arien 09/08/1945
Harry Benjamine 09/08/1896
Herbert John Bennett 09/08/1878
Vinny DelNegro 09/08/1966
Patrick Depailler 09/08/1944
Erlander Jr 09/08/1955
Charles Farrell 09/08/1905
Zino Francescatti 09/08/1902
Melanie Griffith 09/08/1957
Hugh Herbert 09/08/1885
Whitney Houston 09/08/1963
Michael Alexander Huber 09/08/1955
Erich Huchel 09/08/1896
Althea Kohn 09/08/1900
Chris Miller 09/08/1965
Vicki Morgan 09/08/1952
Adam Nimoy 09/08/1956
Nuclear - Second Atom Bomb 09/08/1945
Sandro Paternostro 09/08/1922
Patrice Petitallot 09/08/1950
Jean Piaget 09/08/1896
Romano Prodi 09/08/1939
Margaret Sawcett 09/08/1944
Jackie Slevin 09/08/1955
Lisa Tedesco 09/08/1959
Joop Den Uyl 09/08/1919
Ulrike Voltmer 09/08/1952
Edgar R Wagner 09/08/1893
Michael Winnings 09/08/1950
Mary Currier 09/08/1904
Peter Madden 09/08/1904
Jean Lenauer 09/08/1904
William Ross Howard III 09/08/1907
Marion Burns 09/08/1907
A.I. Bezzerides 09/08/1908
Tove Jansson 09/08/1914
Harold Gordon 09/08/1918
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins 09/08/1920
Robert Surtees 09/08/1927
Charles Farrell 09/08/1927
Robert Shaw 09/08/1927
Gene Ross 09/08/1930
Alethea Charlton 09/08/1931
Denys Hawthorne 09/08/1932
M.T. Vasudevan Nair 09/08/1933
Dick Anthony Williams 09/08/1934
Kazuko Yoshiyuki 09/08/1935
Beverlee McKinsey 09/08/1935
Yin Tse 09/08/1936
Clint Ritchie 09/08/1938
Michèle Girardon 09/08/1938
Burton Gilliam 09/08/1938
Stuart Wurtzel 09/08/1940
Winrich Kolbe 09/08/1940
Volker Prechtel 09/08/1941
Renji Ishibashi 09/08/1941
Robert Aldrich 09/08/1941
John Stephenson 09/08/1941
David Steinberg 09/08/1942
Miguel Littin 09/08/1942
Danièle Gaubert 09/08/1943
Frantisek Nemec 09/08/1943
Linda Meiklejohn 09/08/1943
Ken Norton 09/08/1943
Astrid Frank 09/08/1945
Wendy Mull 09/08/1949
Jillian Kesner 09/08/1949
Sandi Sissel 09/08/1949
Brie Howard 09/08/1949
Bob Cousy 09/08/1950
Anémone 09/08/1950
Ewa Fröling 09/08/1952
J. Benjamin Chulay 09/08/1952
Roberta Tovey 09/08/1953
Bozena Stryjkówna 09/08/1954
Rick LeFevour 09/08/1955
Adam Nimoy 09/08/1956
Gianfelice Imparato 09/08/1956
Melanie Griffith 09/08/1957
Amanda Bearse 09/08/1958
Kurtis Blow 09/08/1959
Michael Kors 09/08/1959
Philippe Bergeron 09/08/1959
Robert Jacks 09/08/1959
Toni Servillo 09/08/1959
Laurie Cummings 09/08/1959
Andrew Mackintosh 09/08/1960
Barbara De Rossi 09/08/1960
Amy Stiller 09/08/1961
Brad Gilbert 09/08/1961
Lonnie Quinn 09/08/1963
Jay Leggett 09/08/1963
Whitney Houston 09/08/1963
Nina Jordan 09/08/1964
Hoda Kotb 09/08/1964
Alexis Ayala 09/08/1965
Pat Petersen 09/08/1966
Deion Sanders 09/08/1967
Patrick Ridremont 09/08/1967
Dana Vávrová 09/08/1967
Nicolaj Kopernikus 09/08/1967
Linn Ullmann 09/08/1967
Eric Bana 09/08/1968
McG 09/08/1968
Sanne Wohlenberg 09/08/1968
Debra D. Holt 09/08/1968
Vivek Mushran 09/08/1969
Divine Brown 09/08/1969
Yossi Marshek 09/08/1969
Sam Elliott 09/08/1969
Yashpal Sharma 09/08/1970
Nikki Ziering 09/08/1971
Yûko Daike 09/08/1971
Erik Lindgren 09/08/1972
Ryan Bollman 09/08/1972
Mariann Szalay 09/08/1972
Juanes 09/08/1972
Jacqui Childs 09/08/1973
Marya Delver 09/08/1974
Derek Fisher 09/08/1974
Kenya Barris 09/08/1974
Nicola Stapleton 09/08/1974
Miriam Lahnstein 09/08/1974
Mahesh Babu 09/08/1975
Barbara Gandolfi 09/08/1975
Lindsay Russell 09/08/1976
Nene 09/08/1976
Mark Priestley 09/08/1976
James Lafazanos 09/08/1976
Audrey Tautou 09/08/1976
Eva Alexander 09/08/1976
Kelly Albanese 09/08/1977
Milan Chakraborty 09/08/1978
Jessica Sonneborn 09/08/1978
Carrie Lorraine 09/08/1978
Daniela Denby-Ashe 09/08/1978
Kestie Morassi 09/08/1978
Ana Serradilla 09/08/1978
Amanda McBroom 09/08/1979
Geoff Scovell 09/08/1980
Chris Cowlin 09/08/1980
Stephen Schneider 09/08/1980
Seung-bum Ryoo 09/08/1980
Juan López-Tagle 09/08/1980
Daniel Henshall 09/08/1982
Gina Gallagher 09/08/1982
Kate Siegel 09/08/1982
Ashley Johnson 09/08/1983
Pierre Perrier 09/08/1984
Dave Trosko 09/08/1986
Vanessa Morley 09/08/1986
Cynthia Harris 09/08/1986
Taner Ölmez 09/08/1986
Giselle Calderón 09/08/1987
Jessa Zarubica 09/08/1987
Chelcie Lynn 09/08/1987
Meredith Deane 09/08/1989
Lourenço Ortigão 09/08/1989
Bill Skarsgård 09/08/1990
Adelaide Kane 09/08/1990
Emily Tennant 09/08/1990
Stephen Fung 09/08/1990
Hansika Motwani 09/08/1991
Anghel Damian 09/08/1991
Danielle Hanratty 09/08/1991
Liz Godwin 09/08/1991
Lexi Kaufman 09/08/1991
Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut 09/08/1992
Patricio Gallardo 09/08/1993
Forrest Landis 09/08/1994
Justice Smith 09/08/1995
Hunter Deno 09/08/1995
Charlie David 09/08/2000

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