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Characteristics of Person born on august 21st :

You may be successful in your investment provided you follow your intuitions and not allow yourself to be carried away by the flattery of fawning, psychophans that you may be bound to meet in your career. You are deeply sincere by nature. So it is very easy to reach at your success at the every step at your life. You are very affectionate by heart also. You posses a keen love for your domestic life especially for your family members. You possess a great love for your children. So you love to spend a happy and pleasing time with your children. You may have a lofty and noble aspiration.

There may be something regal about you even if you were not born in loyalty. The combination you were born under promises success in all forms of government employment or in political or municipal work of any kind, also in any career that would bring you before the public. You possess the great desire to post yourself as a successful person in terms of a career and economic condition also. You may do everything to achieve your desired dream because you really love to be a rich and successful person. You will possess a great identity and you may able to make a considerable numbers of friend through-out your life. But in your life you may meet some disappointments and depressions due to your friends. They may cheat you.

You possess a quality to supervise anything. With the help of this you may taste the higher position of any organization. You may gain the approbation of those around you. You may be praised and encouraged by these people surrounded by you and it may be a cause of dropdown of your career. So dont need to give your ears to these unnecessary words. On the contrary you need these things as a kind of stimulant to take you further. You may attach yourself with political and municipal bodies and it may give you a respected honour from the common masses.

You may easily satisfy by the ordinary success but if you able to focus a bit more, you may able to achieve some more success in your career. You may be an intense worker in all your undertakings. If anything so over conscientious in your efforts and so unsparing of self that at times you may deplete your vitality. As you will, feel that you are endowed with an intelligent beyond the average and could make much of your talents if you had the freedom to go out into the world and make full use of your opportunities. You may have a very friend nature anything vulgar would clash with your sensibilities.

Friends of Person born on august 21st :

The persons, who are born on the months of November and December, may able to understand your mentality and vibes and for this reason these persons may be your good friends. So be with them and enjoy your friendship. The persons, who are born on the month of June, may not be able to make friendship with you because of their complicated mentality. You may gain few good friends during your school life and few of them may be with you up pt your middle part of life. The persons who are working private sector will not gain cooperative mates nut its not applicable for govt service holder because some colleagues may be very supportive. There is a possibility that your parents may be your good friends.

Health of Person born on august 21st :

You may suffer from all kinds of physical weakness through -out your whole life. It is also true that you may suffer from cold and cough at your childhood. So try to be stay at the dry places to avoid your coldness. You may at times suffer from acute indigestion and stomach trouble. So you need to take extra care of yourself specially you have to take food in time. You also have to maintain a proper balanced diet and you must take these foods which are easy to digest. After the middle part of your life there is a possibility that suffer from the problem related to your heart. So you need a regular exercise and you must spend some of your time with your morning walk. It may produce you a considerable amount of fresh air which is really favourable for your heart.

Colour: for Person born on august 21st :

To make you and your fortune most prosperous you have to use the dresses with the shades of rose, crimson or cherry red. The person who are engaged in the field of politics they may use the grey coloured dress for their prosperity in their respective field. To attain an important meeting or interview, the person may wear the attire with the combination of green and white.

Finance of Person born on august 21st :

The persons who are related to the government bonds may able to flourish their financial condition. You are advised to stay away from all forms of gambling because it may bring you a heavy loss. You are fortunate in that case because you may able to earn a bit of money from the unexpected sources. Dont try to borrow money from others because you may not able to give them back. There is a possibility that you may lose your parental property with the cases related to your legal problems.

Career of Person born on august 21st :

You may make your career prosperous if you start with the field of architecture because you have a proper sense of art. You also flourish yourself in terms of career if you involve with the fields of literature because you are a perfect nature lover with proper sense of literary criticism. The career of the students may be more or less smooth. But the students who are related to higher studies, they have to pay more attention towards their studies if they want to make their future bright.

Famous Persons born on august 21st

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
J Altimose 21/08/1939
Dame Janet Baker 21/08/1933
Sam Bartolet 21/08/1888
Aubrey Vincent Beardsley 21/08/1872
Arthur Bremer 21/08/1950
Wilt Chamberlain 21/08/1936
Conor Clapton 21/08/1986
Guy Coeme 21/08/1946
Perry Damone 21/08/1955
Donald Campbell Dewar 21/08/1937
Amy Fisher 21/08/1974
Aubert Frere 21/08/1881
Arthur Janov 21/08/1924
M Kaye 21/08/1908
Serafin Lanot 21/08/1913
Gordon Lavers 21/08/1891
Princess Margaret 21/08/1930
Linda Martel 21/08/1956
Nicole Massari 21/08/1945
Jim McMahon 21/08/1959
Christopher Robin Milne 21/08/1920
Christine Ponzio 21/08/1955
Kenny Rogers 21/08/1938
Archduke Rudolph 21/08/1858
Dorothy Satrapa 21/08/1919
Megan Scully 21/08/1963
Robert Anthony Stone 21/08/1937
Willi O Sucher 21/08/1902
John Karl Wetteland 21/08/1966
King William IV 21/08/1765
Alicia Witt 21/08/1975
Rik Wouters 21/08/1882
Johann Karl Zahn 21/08/1800
Roland Culver 21/08/1900
Siiri Angerkoski 21/08/1902
Friz Freleng 21/08/1906
Bob Jellison 21/08/1908
Bert Roach 21/08/1911
John Henry Faulk 21/08/1913
Diana Churchill 21/08/1913
Geoffrey Keen 21/08/1916
Bill Lee 21/08/1916
Karl Lukas 21/08/1919
Bill Idelson 21/08/1919
Jackson Gillis 21/08/1920
Earl Rowe 21/08/1920
Tony Steedman 21/08/1927
O.P. Ralhan 21/08/1928
John McMartin 21/08/1929
Princess Margaret 21/08/1930
Frank Perry 21/08/1930
Virgil Frye 21/08/1930
Atma Ram 21/08/1930
Nancy Hadley 21/08/1931
Jack Banning 21/08/1931
Melvin Van Peebles 21/08/1932
Izzet Günay 21/08/1934
Mart Crowley 21/08/1935
Christopher Severn 21/08/1935
Frances Cuka 21/08/1936
Helena Anýzová 21/08/1936
Tarquin Olivier 21/08/1936
Chuck Traynor 21/08/1937
Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward 21/08/1938
Don Backy 21/08/1939
James Burton 21/08/1939
Brenda Denaut 21/08/1939
Howard Lew Lewis 21/08/1941
Clydie King 21/08/1943
Lino Capolicchio 21/08/1943
Peter Weir 21/08/1944
Basil Poledouris 21/08/1945
Meridith Baer 21/08/1947
Lindy Hemming 21/08/1948
Maysie Hoy 21/08/1949
Patty McCormack 21/08/1950
George T. Odom 21/08/1950
Harry Smith 21/08/1951
Callan White 21/08/1953
Anne-Louise Lambert 21/08/1955
Patrick Pearson 21/08/1956
Kim Cattrall 21/08/1956
Laura Morante 21/08/1956
Ben Onwukwe 21/08/1957
Bill Roberson 21/08/1958
Sara Bilbatua 21/08/1958
Ralph Marrero 21/08/1959
Catherine Mouchet 21/08/1959
Mitchell Anderson 21/08/1961
Stephen Hillenburg 21/08/1961
Rory O'Shea 21/08/1962
Cleo King 21/08/1962
Barbara Scaff 21/08/1963
Richmond Arquette 21/08/1963
Susan Eisenberg 21/08/1964
David Mandel-Bloch 21/08/1964
Martin Drainville 21/08/1964
Carlos Montilla 21/08/1965
Caryn Mower 21/08/1965
Serj Tankian 21/08/1967
Michael Bendetti 21/08/1967
Cory Edwards 21/08/1968
Barbara Moore 21/08/1968
Shevonne Durkin 21/08/1969
Tammy Amerson 21/08/1969
Sharon Brauner 21/08/1969
Marc Evan Jackson 21/08/1970
Cathy Weseluck 21/08/1970
Maria Heiskanen 21/08/1970
Brent Hanley 21/08/1970
Greg Cromer 21/08/1971
Stephen Nathan 21/08/1971
Amy Spanger 21/08/1971
Liam Howlett 21/08/1971
Kristo Salminen 21/08/1972
Tina Jordan 21/08/1972
Amy Fisher 21/08/1974
Luke Flynn 21/08/1975
Drago Sumonja 21/08/1975
Adam Wang 21/08/1975
Manny Rubio 21/08/1975
Joe Strummer 21/08/1976
Alejandro Brugués 21/08/1976
Derrin Ebert 21/08/1976
Toma Caragiu 21/08/1977
Jim McMahon 21/08/1977
Christiane Filangieri 21/08/1978
Annie Wu 21/08/1978
Alexandra Staden 21/08/1979
Kelis 21/08/1979
Kevin Janssens 21/08/1979
Kate Robbins 21/08/1980
Erin Kelly 21/08/1981
Benjamin Maurice Webb 21/08/1981
Briston George 21/08/1981
Ross Thomas 21/08/1981
Cariad Lloyd 21/08/1982
Carly Steel 21/08/1982
Chris Roessner 21/08/1983
Chantelle Houghton 21/08/1983
Rachel Hardisty 21/08/1983
Alicia Witt 21/08/1984
Eve Torres 21/08/1984
Robin de Jesus 21/08/1984
Jazz Vilá 21/08/1984
Alizée 21/08/1984
Laura Haddock 21/08/1985
Daniel April 21/08/1985
Sam Bould 21/08/1985
Christie Herring 21/08/1986
Brooks Wheelan 21/08/1986
Kelsey Mulrooney 21/08/1987
Sana Khaan 21/08/1987
Kacey Musgraves 21/08/1988
Paris Bennett 21/08/1988
Paulina Galazka 21/08/1989
Sarah Kate Allsup 21/08/1989
Rinal Mukhametov 21/08/1989
Elarica Johnson 21/08/1989
Hayden Panettiere 21/08/1989
Micah Solusod 21/08/1990
Bo Burnham 21/08/1990
Jesse James Rutherford 21/08/1991
Arielle Carver-O'Neill 21/08/1992
Nathan Jones 21/08/1995
Jacob Hays 21/08/1995
Dominique Saldaña 21/08/1998
Michael Burns 21/08/2000

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