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Characteristics of Person born on april 7th :

If you go into any form of business you may be of an enterprising disposition. But you may expect intense rivalry from some visitors in whatever line of work you may engage in. You may be good in organization and as the head of large concerns. But in such a position, although likely to be successful, you may encounter opposition from you employees by way of strikes and even violence against you.

You would do best of all in some important government position where your ability for organization would stand you in good stead. The opposite gender may have a great attraction for you. But you may be liable to have entanglement in your affections causing you much worry and announce. You may be likely due to your impetus nature to rash into an early marriage and have disputes and disagreements with your partners.

The redeeming feature in your marriage is that you would have great consolation by children who would be likely to be very intellectual. You also may get success at your business. You may have a great love for music. You have also the capability to play some instruments related to music remarkably well. You have a great fascination for the mystical, Masonic and secret societies. You also are a voracious reader and you feel great interest in the fields of physics and biological science

You like to investigate the suspicious things and it is due to your curious nature. You possess a very intense emotions and feelings. You are very original and innovate in your ideas. You like to connect yourself with the religious and social affairs. You are likely to be considered as a crank or as an eccentric by those who may not able to understand you properly. But you may gladly pursue you all the ways the same in spite of opposition.

Your greatest fault may be restlessness of disposition and a continual desire for change in surroundings. You like to travel far from the country and wish to get the pleasure of other countries. You also possess an exceptionally artistic life. You are really imaginative and inventive b y heart. You may find difficulties to settle down yourself to any regular conventional life. You are liable to take strong aversion to many people come in contact with you. You like to join with some philanthropic and benevolent institutions. You might do well if you become associated with national or political works on such lines.

Friends of Person born on april 7th :

The persons, who are born on the month of August, may be your good friends and they may always try to give a proper support to you and they may also help you out from any kinds of problem and danger. You are advised to be selective in choosing your friends because the persons of January are very harmful to you. You must stay away from these persons. You may able to get a considerable numbers of friend through-out your whole life and it may possible due to your outspoken quality.

Health of Person born on april 7th :

You may often be suffer from colds, chills, fevers even influenza. There is a possibility that you may suffer from malaria during the early age of your life. So be careful regarding that. In health you will be liable to rapid changes in physical condition and you may be much influenced by your surroundings. It would be better for you if you may stay at the dry places. You may suffer from unusual strain and nervous breakdown due to your tendency of over strained work schedule. You may be liable at times to run the risk of being poisoned by food, to be given poison through accident or to take it yourself by your own carelessness. The kidneys, liver, spleen and appendix are likely to give you trouble.

Colour: for Person born on april 7th :

All shades of green colour are favourable for those who are related to the artistic life. These colours may bring fortune and a prosperous career for you. Those who are involved with the teaching profession must wear the dress of crme colour, especially at your vital days. If you have any service inter4view, you may wear the dress coloured by white. These colours may bring luck for you. All shades of dove-grey may be the lucky colour for those who are related to the social affairs and politics. With these colours you may able to achieve your desired popularity. The all shades of red colour are favourable for students. Crimson is lucky for the lawyers. If you are suffering from disappointment, you may use the dress of light rose colour. If you have an intension to seek the interest of your opposite gender towards you, you must wear the dress of any kind electric colours.

Finance of Person born on april 7th :

You will be inclined to live in a land of dreams and illusions with your opposite gender and for this reason you may meet with many disappointments. This may give you a proper slowdown graph regarding your financial matter. There may always be a likelihood of considerable uncertainty and fluctuation in terms of money. At a certain time you may able to realise that you had earned a huge amount of money, but the time was too late to get the money back again or earn the money again. So you may be prudent and cautious as regard s your money. You will like quiet and serious methods in your business and you may build up your finances slowly and in some way painfully.

Career of Person born on april 7th :

You may start your career with the any project of inventive quality. You possess a great imaginative quality and for this very special reason, you may write something related to literature. If you may be a writer, you may really able to make your future career more prosperous and smooth than any other field. You also be the leader of any political parties. The career of the students may more or less favourable for them. But always try to be obedient towards your teacher and parents also.

Famous Persons born on april 7th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Clara Agnelli 07/04/1920
David Arien 07/04/1941
Emil Bisstram 07/04/1895
Pat Paterson Boyer 07/04/1910
Julian Arjun Braha 07/04/1999
Jerry Brown 07/04/1938
Francis Ford Coppola 07/04/1939
Christopher Darden 07/04/1956
Guillaume Depardieu 07/04/1971
Tony Dorsett 07/04/1954
William Eythe 07/04/1918
Alice Fowler 07/04/1890
Cornelia Frances 07/04/1941
David Frost 07/04/1939
James Garner 07/04/1928
Catherine Grant 07/04/1896
Rev Hazell 07/04/1900
Billie Holiday 07/04/1915
Katherine Ippolito 07/04/1953
Richard G Kenney 07/04/1971
Eirik Knutzen 07/04/1944
Ted Kotcheff 07/04/1931
Pete La Roca 07/04/1938
Prince Leopold 07/04/1853
Vincent Perez 07/04/1968
Pope Clement XII 07/04/1652
William Ross 07/04/1911
David Sanborn 07/04/1938
Gerhard Schroder 07/04/1944
Gino Severini 07/04/1883
Saint Teresa Of Avila 07/04/1515
Mary Beth Whitehead 07/04/1957
Walter Winchell 07/04/1897
William Wordsworth 07/04/1770
Sir Douglas Young 07/04/1883
Margherita Zalaffi 07/04/1966
Gavin Gordon 07/04/1901
Willi Forst 07/04/1903
Robert Raglan 07/04/1909
Harry Hay 07/04/1912
Birdie M. Hale 07/04/1912
Jean Carmen 07/04/1913
Margia Dean 07/04/1913
Robert Freitag 07/04/1916
R.G. Armstrong 07/04/1917
Robert Cabal 07/04/1917
Ronald Howard 07/04/1918
Bill Butler 07/04/1921
Denis Shaw 07/04/1921
Daniel Emilfork 07/04/1924
Doe Avedon 07/04/1925
Gloria Warren 07/04/1926
Anthony Morton 07/04/1927
Alan J. Pakula 07/04/1928
Lynne Perrie 07/04/1931
Joanna Lee 07/04/1931
Vojislav Miric 07/04/1933
Stephen Bolster 07/04/1933
Arthur Cox 07/04/1934
Bobby Bare 07/04/1935
Peter Eckersley 07/04/1936
Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia 07/04/1936
Ulises Dumont 07/04/1937
Helen Talbot 07/04/1937
Andrew Sachs 07/04/1938
David Frost 07/04/1939
Francis Ford Coppola 07/04/1939
Gorden Kaye 07/04/1941
Cornelia Frances 07/04/1941
Keith Buckley 07/04/1941
Danny Wells 07/04/1941
Gabrielle Beaumont 07/04/1942
Mircea Daneliuc 07/04/1943
Roberta Shore 07/04/1943
Julia Phillips 07/04/1944
Yehia El-Fakharany 07/04/1945
Stacey Gregg 07/04/1946
Stan Winston 07/04/1946
Ulf Brunnberg 07/04/1947
Allan Cuthbertson 07/04/1947
John Oates 07/04/1948
Linda Wrather 07/04/1949
Patricia Mauceri 07/04/1950
Jeff Brooks 07/04/1950
Billie Holiday 07/04/1950
Jack Angeles 07/04/1950
Rahul Rawail 07/04/1951
Janis Ian 07/04/1951
Clarke Peters 07/04/1952
Wayne Rogers 07/04/1954
Patricia Belcher 07/04/1954
Ezio Greggio 07/04/1954
Kai Chi Liu 07/04/1954
Grace Hightower 07/04/1955
Werner Stocker 07/04/1955
Christopher Darden 07/04/1956
Kees Prins 07/04/1956
Maria Johansson 07/04/1956
Lawrence Steven Meyers 07/04/1956
Phoebe Nicholls 07/04/1957
Andrea L'Arronge 07/04/1957
Dragana Varagic 07/04/1957
Kap-su Kim 07/04/1957
Cec Verrell 07/04/1958
Victoria Foyt 07/04/1958
Vibeke Hastrup 07/04/1958
Jeetendra 07/04/1959
Philip Gröning 07/04/1959
Michael Almereyda 07/04/1959
Elizabeth Swackhamer 07/04/1959
Ian Richardson 07/04/1960
Elaine Miles 07/04/1960
Sandy Powell 07/04/1960
Peter Blok 07/04/1960
Tracy Smith 07/04/1961
Del Monroe 07/04/1961
Teri Ann Linn 07/04/1961
Stanley Adams 07/04/1961
Laurent Bouhnik 07/04/1961
Russell Boulter 07/04/1963
Jace Alexander 07/04/1964
Matt Servitto 07/04/1965
Ellie Harvie 07/04/1965
Pippa Hinchley 07/04/1966
Michaela Strachan 07/04/1966
Richard Gomez 07/04/1966
Eric Champnella 07/04/1966
Shagufta Ali 07/04/1967
Paul Dion Monte 07/04/1967
Jennifer Lynch 07/04/1968
Alexandra Neil 07/04/1968
Mark Myers 07/04/1968
Matt Anoai 07/04/1970
Kirsten Baker 07/04/1970
Kevin Beard 07/04/1970
Jia-yi Zhang 07/04/1970
Dennis Hayden 07/04/1970
Guillaume Depardieu 07/04/1971
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith 07/04/1971
Derek Harvie 07/04/1971
Pär Brundin 07/04/1972
Cathy Sara 07/04/1972
Eve Salvail 07/04/1973
Mick Øgendahl 07/04/1973
Amy Anzel 07/04/1973
Nathan Baesel 07/04/1974
Antonia Bennett 07/04/1974
Baker Karim 07/04/1974
Heather Burns 07/04/1975
Sergio Peris-Mencheta 07/04/1975
Tiki Barber 07/04/1975
Kevin Alejandro 07/04/1976
Eric Wareheim 07/04/1976
Cem Cücenoglu 07/04/1976
Duncan James 07/04/1978
Umut Tabak 07/04/1979
Zbych Trofimiuk 07/04/1979
Lorraine Cink 07/04/1980
David Otunga 07/04/1980
Tetsuji Tamayama 07/04/1980
Alex Lanipekun 07/04/1981
Kenny Santucci 07/04/1982
Kira Pozehl 07/04/1982
Shiau-Shiang Lee 07/04/1982
Mathias Alvarez 07/04/1982
Silvana Arias 07/04/1982
Aline Levasseur 07/04/1983
Rachel Duncan 07/04/1985
Jordan Trovillion 07/04/1986
Jason Ralph 07/04/1986
Jack Duarte 07/04/1986
So-min Jeon 07/04/1986
Heather Fusari 07/04/1987
Lauren Toub 07/04/1987
Jack Johnson 07/04/1987
Ed Speleers 07/04/1988
Alexa Demara 07/04/1989
Danielle Watson 07/04/1990
Alexis Jordan 07/04/1992
Helga Lovekaty 07/04/1992
Cristine Prosperi 07/04/1993
Samuel Schneider 07/04/1995
Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu 07/04/1996
Valary Sanders 07/04/1998
Conner Rayburn 07/04/1999
Soledad Fandiño 07/04/2003
Si Won Choi 07/04/2003

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