Which Stock is Profitable for You


Which Stock is Profitable for You
Solar eclipse is a very crucial factor in deciding a move in stock market. Solar eclipse happens when Sun and Moon are bound in close association with Rahu (North) or Ketu (South) Nodes of the planet Moon. It takes place once in every six months either in Ketu or Rahu.

Eclipse is not predictable. But it causes turn around. A South eclipse makes the drift towards down in the market. But North eclipse makes it opposite. This movement starts to shift to the next eclipse.

A planet is powerful if it is conjunct or stationary the latest eclipse point. Planet which governs the kind of stock should be identified. The planet should be powerful to do well in stock or business. So before investment just make sure about the strongest planet in your horoscope.


SUN: The planet Sun governs gold, superior stock and Govt. securities besides the normal tone of market. This planet does not affect market itself materially apart from its formation to the other planets. Its power is exercised through the sign where it is located. If the aspects are favourable then it boosts the importance of Govt. securities of the very country governed by sign. All the bad aspects may depress the importance of Govt. securities.

MOON: The planet Moon does not possess any crucial importance. Aspect to the planet Moon does not often act according to its nature. But it rather seem marking the turning points and to indicate the periods of lowest fall and highest rise. There is a normal authority on fluctuations regarding the location of the planet Moon in its path. It is specially seen in the case of changes from downward to upward and vice versa.

MERCURY: The planet Mercury governs with wheat, partly with grain and corn, silver, bonds, returns, rumours, publications, public confidence and news. The various affects of the planet Mercury upon the bazaar is to bring nervousness, insecurity, activity, rapid fluctuations and fast buying and selling. If there is any trouble in Mercury then it provides adverse or false rumours and news. It also denotes short of public confidence.

VENUS: The planet Venus govern silk, copper, sugar, textile, furnishing, cotton, corn, wheat and money market. Venus affects money and market. Normally its influence is to found a peaceful situation in the country. It provides good crops, steady development and advanced state. The good aspect of the planet Venus helps rise in value though it is not everlasting most of the times. It leads to dull period due to its bad aspect and some fluctuations.

MARS: The planet Mars governs railways, iron and steel, machinery and motors. The aspect of Mars causes enterprise and great activity along with fast buying and fresh flotation.

JUPITER: The planet Jupiter rules over rubber, zinc, and tin. Jupiter carries new industries, expansion and prosperity. The good aspect of Jupiter leads a high rise in the country. The bad aspect of Jupiter leads the country incurring loss. It may happen due to excess in production or capitalization. The planet Jupiter denotes the direction of tentative interest as per the sign.

SATURN: The planet Saturn governs over coal, lead, mines, labour’s condition and building. The bad aspect of Saturn leads the country in shortage of food, political disturbances and failure of crops. It also increases unemployment in the country. If its aspect is good then country will get a steady market.

URANUS: The planet Uranus governs over aviation, electrical matters, wireless and telegraphs. Revolutions, political disturbances and strikes may happen due to bad aspect of Uranus. It leads the country in an abrupt fluctuation.

NEPTUNE: Drugs, tea, narcotics, tobacco, oil and institutions like asylums, hospitals and prisons are ruled by the planet Neptune. In its good aspect it increases price though its ring’s action. And it can ruin the country in the same way at the time of its bad aspect.

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