Science behind astrology


 Science behind astrology
Is there any connection of astrology with science? It is the most common query created about astrology by both kinds of people – the positivists and the non-believers who argue that it is a false subject. Astrology utilises the insecurity and fear of people. The astrologers and believer of astrology firmly defend the allegation against astrology. They claim it is an exact science.

But the true fact is both kinds of people are wrong and both approach this arguable query from a fixed mind set.

Non-believers have to agree that it is politically correct and fashionable to criticise any organism of knowledge. This is not ideal into the 21st century definition of physical science and materialism. Astrologers have to believe that they think if Astrology is not be a branch of science then it will not be respected in modern era. If it is related to science then everyone will believe or accept it.

This new century is known as Age of Aquarius. Astrologers claim that Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. The planet Uranus represents new technology and science. Hence, in the Age of Aquarius it is proposed to examine the query in an objective style without any fixed mindset.

Now, the first and foremost question comes to our mind at this point is what is the actual definition and meaning of astrology and science.

As per Random House Dictionary the meaning of these 2 words is:

Science: It is a branch of study and knowledge which deals with a body of true facts analytically organised and executing the action of general laws.

Mathematical science is a methodical knowledge of material or physical world which is obtained through experimentation and observation.

All of the branches of science are natural and physical.

Astrology: Astrology is a study which supposes and attempts to read between the lines of celestial bodies on human dealings. There is a bit of place of disagreement whereas the definition or meaning of astrology is concerned. But, the dispute and debate starts at that time when astrologers started to claim that it is a part of science. But the definitions of science provided above, it is true that definition neither 2 nor 3 is applicable to the astrology. The reason is it is changed right through the years and presents till date.

All the non-believers and rationalists can argue that celestial bodies have no influence in case of human affairs. But on the other side, astrologers especially the Vedic astrologers begin with the thoughts that the methodical body of wisdom and knowledge is actually motivated by the Ultimate creature itself. For this reason it is claimed that this is rightly So, it is not false. It is absolutely true. No one can raise question against its genuineness. Astrology is the word of Gods. It was passed on generation by generation through oral tradition. Astrology was 1st documented and sorted out by the great sage Parashar. Astrology is an important section of Vedas. That is why Astrology is familiar as Vedangas.


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