Physical Features of Aries Taurus and Gemini


Beauty is an attraction. It is something for which we are running for. All of us are trying to catch the beauty. But it is not in our forte. All the people are gifted according to its Sun Sign. Hence, we have to obey the rules of nature i.e. rules of Sun Sign. Every Sun Sign has distinctive feature about beauty. This article is useful for those who are willing to know about the physical features as per their birth sign.

 Physical Features of Aries Taurus and Gemini
The Features of Aries:

  • The people of Aries Sun Sign are normally lean, tall and healthy.

  • The structures of Aries people’s bone are likely to be slim and long, particularly in their neck, hands and legs.

  • Normally, these people possess powerful eyes which can capture your interest.

  • It is no that Aries have interest on you but there are something fixed in their eyes like Ram. You must not anticipate seeing a couple of horns sticking out of Aries People’s head.

  • There are some marks one their head and faces. Freckles, scars and moles are likely to be tattered as a clasp than hidden or removed.

  • Most of the Aries people possess red or golden-brown hair or highlights.

The Features of Taurus:

  • The people of Taurus Sun Sign are solid. Their beauties are god-gifted and natural.

  • In general, they have square shoulders, thick or strong neck and muscular and compact body. The legs of Taurus people are sturdy and well-shaped.

  • Their feet are a bit longer or wider comparing to their body. Their faces are not sharp bit rounded.

  • They are normally of clear complexion. Their skins are beautiful. Their large eyes are captivating.

  • Male Taurus has the capability of confronting challenges. Female natives take pride or pains in their hair.

  • Both males and females Taurus are health conscious. They do exercise. There is a possibility of getting over-weight at their middle ages.

The Features of Gemini:

  • Gemini natives are youthful in their appearances. They look much younger than their actual ages.

  • Normally, they are tall. If they born closer to Cancer or Taurus then they may become fatty rather than thin.

  • Usually, their arms and legs are long. Their hands are fleshy. A male Gemini has a rough complexion along with high cheekbones.

  • His forehead is normally wide. Gemini male will face the problem of hair loss later in life.

  • The female natives of Gemini Sun Sign have expressive eyes.

  • They have fuller or wider mouth. Their lips of Gemini are something to be of attraction as their lips are well-shaped.


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