Mercury the messenger of God

Mercury the messenger of God
Planet Mercury is great herald of Gods. Generally it stands for our speech and communication. At all levels it stands for commerce and transaction. In Mercury’s lower level it articulates and organises material resources. On its higher level Mercury connects us with our interior capabilities that are the strengths of mind. Mercury sharpens our strength of unfairness to decide what is wrong and what is right. It rules over education, writings, thought and calculation. Our capability of quick association of ideas, quick transaction of information or to measure the value of true things in our lives –Mercury helps us. It is not planet of prosperity. But Mercury assists us to collect it and save it as it helps us to be organised.

The planet Mercury collapses the barriers between human beings. It discloses a common human needs and common humanity. It has a positive concern and sense of equality which is mainly based on particularity and objectivity but not on sentiments. Mercury has great importance in our profession and career. For this reason generally, we communicate with other people. Mercury exhibits how we should appear and how we should function in the system of business which constitutes the world of ideas and things. Mercury is the second fastest moving object among the planets (Moon is the fastest among all the planets). Therefore it is indication of fast understanding and service. Mercury is responsible for fast correction of ideas and the quick transaction of information.

A feeble Mercury constitutes us rationalise things which is suitable to our purpose. It forms madness, immaturity and lack of sophistication. It is also capable of forming lack of rightly defined boundaries and dishonesty. In the culture of present days Mercury is most crucial. Along with Mars it forms products such as mobile phones, computers, mass media (television) and internet. It completely depends on us whether we use it as a highly positive way by establishing open statement that leads us to a universal benevolent culture. Or easily get into trapped in just sharing trivial and superficial information without trying to communicate at more inside of human level with one another.

Mercury becomes conservative four occasions in a year when communications have lost, markets are affected by wild and computers are starting malfunction and unsupported rumors. In this program you can check the ups and downs of the planet Mercury according to your chart of the year 2014. Its rules are very simple. If Mercury is up then you must communicate as much as you are capable of, network as much as you are able to do and transact as much as you have capacity. If Mercury is down then you must think again and again before communicating or transacting anything. You must restrain yourself from investments or finalizing any agreements or documents. You have to wait till Mercury goes up in your chart.

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