Astrology and Women Relationship


Astrology and Women Relationship
Relation plays a vital role in our lives. In present days it is very difficult to deal with people. In family there are relations with father, mother, sister, brother etc. Apart from this we have relations with those whom we do not know. In astrological science there are lots of hints from planets which help us to find the relationship with others. Every human being behaves differently. If we are able to know about ourselves and basic behaviour of others then we will manage many bonding problems in our lives.

Relationship and Venus:

Venus is known for relation between men and women. They respect each-other, share thoughts and compromise according to their need. If you do not give love then do not expect to get it in return. If you respect each-other then you will definitely get the same in return. The reason is Venus believes in mutual concession. In case of relationship we have to follow the principles of Venus if we want a successful relationship.

Venus is girlfriend in one hand and wife in other hand in a man’s chart. An astrologer can easily tell you observing the sign and placement of Venus in your birth chart which type of relationship you will get. Man’s birth chart also provides hints about the personality of his wife or girlfriend.

Relationship with spouse and 7th house:

The 7th house stands for spouse or partner in astrological science. Depending on the governing owner of 7th house each individual possesses different 7th house energy. Astrologer can tell about the character of spouse or partner like for ascendant of Aries the 7th house is governed by Venus. The native will get spouse according his Venus sign.

Does women change after get married?

Yes, as before getting married women is looking for Mars and after getting married they are looking for Jupiter. By observing at the planets one may get the hints about the relationship and better half of an individual.

Mars and boyfriend:

The planet Mars is standing for self-defence. It is the planet of boyfriend or man in the chart of a woman. A woman may spend fruitful times with Mars. But she can’t marry this kind of person as Mars is the planet of independence. There is no room for independence or uniqueness in a relationship. Observing the sign and placement of Mars in birth chart astrologer can tell which kind of man she will attract.

Husband and Jupiter:

Jupiter is known as planet of husband in the chart of a woman. It is the planet of wisdom, hope, prosperity and spiritualism. Normally, a woman wishes some kind of advance knowledge in her life. Usually, she het attracted to the planet Mars. But after the marriage with Mars woman’s desire go to the Jupiter. The reason is Jupiter can provide such things which a Mars can’t. Hence, woman falls in love with someone and marries with other man. Woman requires safety and support in marriage life. As a woman is weak emotionally so she requires support in her difficult times such as pregnancy or other general conditions. But a Mars can’t provide the same as Mars is known for fight. A Mars is an individualist and likes to make fun.


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