8 Planetary Combinations for Suicidal Attempt


8 Astrological Reasons for Late Marriage
Marriage is one of the important events of life. The definition of marriage is changed in modern era owing to various lifestyle, different cultures, attitudes and outlook of human and moral values. Due to the union of astrological planetary marriage may take place late in someone’s life.

In the Astrology, mainly 2 planets have the importance in marriage. These are Jupiter and Venus. When Venus and Jupiter are in malefic position then marriage can be late. Rests of the planets also have some roles in marriage.

(1) Importance of Venus in marriage:

Venus is known as the planet of relationship and love. When Venus unites with evil planets such as Sun, Saturn and Ketu or even Saturn aspects Venus then Venus’s energy are damaged. It may lead an individual to late marriage.

Retro gradation, debilitation and combustion of Venus make it tough for a native to take any decision regarding marriage. When Venus is located in Leo then marriage can be delayed as Sun is the foe of Venus. When Venus is overplayed between evil planet Sun and Saturn then it will lead a late marriage. These planets infuse their evil effect on Venus.

(2) Importance of Jupiter in marriage:

Jupiter has much importance in our life. Jupiter has the control over children, marriage, wisdom, fortune and higher knowledge. If an individual’s Jupiter is retrograded, combusted or debilitated then it will delay his marriage. It will also create inharmoniousness in nuptial life.

(3) Planets in 7th house:

The 7th house is the most important house regarding marriage. Individual’s marriage depends on which planet governs, sits and aspects 7th house.

(4) Importance of Saturn in 7th house:

Saturn teaches lesson in an individual’s life. Saturn teaches lesson a native till its return from other’s places. After the return of Saturn a native takes right decision and gets matured. If Saturn aspects or is sitting on 7th house then it will lead a late marriage. Even Saturn is sitting with Venus or Jupiter it will also happen. Saturn governs over 7th house in case of Cancer and Leo. Hence, they must delay their marriages or else they will face separation.

(5) Importance of Sun in marriage:

If Sun aspects or is sitting on 7th house it will provide a late marriage. Native will have the problems of ego in relationship.

(6) Importance of Mars in marriage:

Mars is known as planet of fighting. When Mars aspects or is sitting on 7th house then native must delay his marriage or else it will create problem in nuptial life. Native must marry after he turns 28 as energy of Mars gets matured at the age 28.

(7) Importance of Rahu in marriage:

Rahu is very much compulsive and obsessive. It will lead a person to an unlawful marriage. When Rahu sits on 7th house then it makes individual to attract strongly and makes him obsessive. It will be the reason for his early marriage. But the native will get separated after the illusion gets over as Rahu is illusion. Those who have Rahu in their 7th house must think prudently before marriage.

(8) Importance of Ketu in marriage:

Ketu is not interested and wanted to stay detach from materialistic world. So, if Ketu is located at 7th house then the native will not be interested in nuptial relationship if not Venus or Jupiter aspect Ketu.

2nd and 4th house stands for family. If evil planets such as Sun, Saturn or Moon is sitting along with Ketu on 2nd


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   28th November, 2019 10:46 AM

Dob:16th Oct 1982 Time: 12:45pm Does this person vomit suicide and will she be successful in her attempts How to make her stop thinking so get her out of her problems

   22nd December, 2019 2:09 PM

I have suffered from suicidal tendencies since I was 7 years old. I engaged in self abuse my whole childhood. I have stopped the behaviors, but the feeling of wanting to kill myself keeps coming back over and over. My last suicide attempt was October 19, 2015. my date of birth is 12/09/1982, 7:59am, West Covina CA- female. If you identify any factors in my chart that would indicate why I have such a desire to kill myself, I would really appreciate the information! I would like to heal and help others who are suicidal. Thank you <3

   Kapil bisht
   27th January, 2020 3:56 AM

DOB is 19/04/1983 time is 9:15am. I always get suicidal thought and carry 2 failed attempt. When shall I be successful....

   25th May, 2020 2:25 AM

Pheonix82 ur kundali has kaal sarp dosh. u have mercury with saturn . this is cause for ur suicial tendency. u should urgently do some remedy for ur kundali. rahu is in ur work house. that is also not good. u should meet an astrologer soon.

   3rd September, 2021 10:50 AM

my dob 2 nd march 1990 birth time 02:32 am birth place :- sasvad , dist-pune, state-maharashtra . i want to know when i will get die?

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