20 actors for your love marriage


20 actors for Your Love Marriage
1. The fifth house of an inhabitant indicates many signs of closeness, intimacy, romance and love with his love ones.
2. The seventh hose of an inhabitant denotes aspects of wedding life and his desire and wish for partnership and love.
3. The eleventh house of an individual discloses compatibility and incompatibility in a nuptial relation. The house fifth from the seventh or seventh from the fifth house clearly denotes an individual’s success or completion of his desire to the love marriage.
4. The Mahadasa-anter-pratyanter of an individual plays a crucial role. If it is good then the success of the native will come without making any obstacles.
5. Exchange between fifth owner and seventh owner.
6. Exchange between second owner and twelfth owner.
7. Aspects or combination between ascendant owner and seventh owner.
8. Amalgamation of second owner and twelfth owner in second, fifth and twelfth house.
9. Combination between second owner, fifth owner, seventh owner and twelfth owner.
10. Combination of ascendant owner with seventh owner, fifth owner, second owner and twelfth owner.
11. If the planet Moon is related with ascendant owner in ascendant or with seventh owner in seventh house.
12. If the planet Venus is located in the fifth or ninth house according to Moon sign or ascendant.
13. If the planet Jupiter possesses no connection with seventh house then position of the planet Rahu in ascendant can be the Love marriage’s Yoga.
14. The planet Venus and Jupiter are the main governing planet of nuptial life and marriage. Therefore, both of these have vital roles in love marriage.
15. If the planet Rahu is located in the 7th lord then planet Venus or Saturn advances the possibility of love marriage.
16. If the planet Mars and Rahu are located together in the seventh house then it is also the sign of a love marriage.
17. When the seventh owner mixed with Rahu and Mars in Libra or Taurus sign, the chances of love marriage becomes strong.
18. When the second owner and second house possesses connection with the planet Mars as per Sun sign, Moons sign and ascendant then the individual will be able to love marriage.
19. Union of the 5th and the 7th house and sign exchange or mutual aspect makes love marriage.
20. Relation of the planet Venus with the planet Mercury or Jupiter in Trikona or Kendra makes the Yoga of love marriage.

Some strong union for love marriage:

The union between Venus and Moon in the first, fourth, fifth, seventh and eleventh house provides love marriage.
If Rahu is located in the seventh house it indicates love marriage in the same community or cast or other community or cast. If the Rahu is damaged or affected then the marriage may be happened out of individual’s religion.
If the seventh house is in the ninth house then it provides love marriage as the individual select remote one i.e. who is not from his community.
If the Mars is placed on seventh house then it provides love marriage with handsome or beautiful husband or wife.
If Saturn is strong in seventh house and aspect by the planet Jupiter then it provides successful love marriage.


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